Published on November 12, 2015

Two Babies?!

Now that I had shared the news with Ryan, we had two surprises to share with our family.

Baby Announcement

Our Baby Announcement

We stopped by Ryan’s parents in Ogden, IA.  His dad was in the field harvesting, but his mom was working outside. They already knew the first secret, since they overheard Ryan tell his Grandma. We asked her to go inside and sit for a bit with us. “Uh-oh, what’s wrong. After this week, how much more can I take?” Janis asked. She gave us a great set up to say in unison, “Oh, probably twice as much.” It didn’t take her long to crack that code. Janis cried (happy tears) and hugged us both. She said, “Our family is very blessed with the new additions.”  And then she cried some more. She swore she wouldn’t tell Terry until we called him when he was done playing farmer in the fields. (He’s a retired teacher by trade).

We called my parents, who live in Tekamah, Nebraska, next. Only my mom, Diane, was home.  We told her we were expecting. She did a happy gasp and said, “Really!?”  Then we said, “Oh well there’s more, it’s twins!”  “Are you kidding?” She said. Followed by a steady string of, “Oh my gosh…”  After the call ended, she called back about an hour or so later and said, “Well, now that the shock has worn off…”  And had questions, talked about 2 babies, etc.

Taylor was up next. When we told her a few years ago that she was going to be a big sister, she cried.  She was 10 at the time, and the only child on her dad’s side.  She was nervous about the unknown.  However, in the last year, she kept asking Tessa, “Tessa, do you want to be a big sister?” And then Tessa, who agrees with everything Taylor says, replies with a “Yeah!”  We knew this time would be different. We called her and broke the news.  “How would you like to be a big sister again?”  “No Way!!!” she exclaimed.  “Okay”, her dad said, “how would you like to be a big sister again, twice?”  “Oh my gosh, twins!? Are you kidding? I’m going to be the best big sister, ever!”  We had to remind her she already is a great big sister. We let Taylor explain it to Tessa over the phone, who danced around saying, “Yeah!” I’m not sure she truly understood why she was happy, or if it was just because she was talking to Taylor and Taylor was happy. Time will tell.

My dad, Doug, was a bit stunned, but excited. People always ask if twins run in our families. It does in mine. My dad is an identical twin. He is younger than his twin, Dennis. Every year on their birthday, he calls to tell his “older brother” happy birthday!

When Ryan’s Dad, Terry, was done in the field, he was also very excited. “That’s just great!” I remember him saying, as I thought, “Is it? Is it really?”  I was still in a state of shock myself.

We called my brother Mike and sister-in-law Sara in Wayne, NE. They, along with their kids, Jack (age 9) and Molly (age 5) were about to sit down for supper. I think Sara knew something was coming as she put us on speaker phone. But the surprise was still on her! There was a gasp and cheering and congratulations. Molly, didn’t quite get it. Sara told her we were having twins. Still confused, Sara explained again, “Tessa’s going to have two babies at her house.”  “Why is Tessa having babies?” she asked. Fair question!  It made for a good laugh. The next day, word traveled quickly through their school, as Molly shared with her class, and probably everyone else she encountered that day that Aunt Mindy was having twins. Jack later confessed to Grandma Diane that the idea of twins is “kind of creepy”. Got to love the mind of a 9 year-old boy!

My Grandpa Harold and Grandma Norma were excited. My Grandpa gasped, repeated it, and I could tell he was pretty thrilled. Having twin sons, and twin granddaughters (my cousins), I think he’s been hopeful one of his grandkids carried on the tradition. I knew he would be especially excited. He congratulated us and told us they would be sending lots of prayers for healthy babies.

When we picked Tessa up from daycare that afternoon, we asked Alison, “So, do you have any room next summer for more kids?” That got her attention! She must have known Tessa didn’t know so we talked over the heads of the children. When she said yes, Ryan asked, “Great, what about for two more?” Her mouth dropped open and said, “Twins?”  When she said she’d take our developing troop, I was relieved and hugged her. I’m not a hugger, but this was big. There is a sense of relief of having a quality, trustworthy daycare provider lined up to take all of your children, that can’t be described.

Now it was time to tell our co-workers, and to make it “Facebook Official”. 

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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