Published on March 29, 2016

Signs of Preeclampsia


My view for the weekend:
Relaxing with Netflix.

The Friday before Easter weekend, I went in for my 35th week appointment and first Non-stress test (NST). I was very anxious for the test, even though I had done it before when pregnant with Tessa. When checking in, I went through the normal hoops: give a urine sample and get weighed. I was surprised, I was actually down a few pounds. My urine sample didn’t have protein in it, which is great!

But my blood pressure was up. I knew I was really anxious, which probably helped increase my blood pressure. We went ahead with the NST. They were looking for each baby to raise her heart rate for 15 seconds and then go back to normal, twice. Baby B passed quickly with flying colors. Baby A was a bit more relaxed that day. She did it once, and then would many times raise her heart rate for about 10 seconds and then go back to resting. They even used what I call a “Baby Taser” to try and get her annoyed and stirred up. They would put this Taser like object on my belly and it would make a noise while vibrating. It would work but then she’d go back to her normal heart rate. They didn’t have concerns and said she passed as well. They sat me up and took my blood pressure, which was still high.  

I met with Doctor Lines, who confirmed the babies looked good, so did my urine sample and weight. But my blood pressure was high. She had me rest for a few minutes and my blood pressure retested. This time it was back to normal. I felt less stressed, which probably helped. But she decided to do a blood test anyways.  

It didn’t take long to get a call from Jody, Dr. Lines’ nurse. She said everything looked good except the protein in my blood was slightly elevated. She ordered me to a weekend of doing nothing but staying home and resting, and I had to do a 24 hour urine collection and bring back to their lab on Monday.  

On Saturday, I settled in on the couch with my legs elevated, snuggled on the couch with Netflix, while Ryan, Taylor and Tessa set out on a Dad/Daughter day of errands, Easter Egg hunts, and lunch. On Sunday they went to Easter lunch at Ryan’s parents. It was strange to be home alone, but nice to relax. I felt really good and could tell it was what I needed. 

I had to start the urine collection Sunday morning, which has to be kept refrigerated.  Luckily no one was home most of the time while I was doing this. I’ll admit it was embarrassing to get the container from the fridge to take to the bathroom and back, every time I needed to go to the bathroom.  

The test showed my protein was a little high in my urine. They would like it under 300, but mine was about 325. I now have to have my blood pressure checked daily to make sure it stays at a safe place. So far I do not have any other symptoms of Preeclampsia. I haven’t had major weight gain, I’m not swollen, and I haven’t had any vomiting, all signs.  However, I have Gestational Diabetes, having a multiple birth and have family history of Preeclampsia, which are all risk factors. I’m hoping to continue to maintain a good blood pressure and get through the next two weeks, but I have a feeling we may be moving our cesarean date up sooner than April 15th! For now, I’m going to take it easier, drink lots of water, and hang out in the therapy pool! The Wendt Twins will be here before we know it!

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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