Pregnancy Questions 

As I finish this pregnancy path, we have met and visited with friends who have followed our pregnancy, Ryan's morning show listeners who have heard him talk about baby updates, and strangers who have followed our journey through my blog. Lately they ask us the same questions. 

What are your plans before the babies arrive?

New glasses for Mommy and Tessa

New glasses!

Wednesday I took the day off work to spend with Tessa. I had been looking forward to Mommy/Tessa day all week, and it didn't disappoint. We started out with breakfast at a local cafe. We visited Daddy and his coworkers at their radio station, KWBG. After Tessa hugged almost everyone goodbye, we went to the Erickson Public Library for story time. This was a first for us since I'm normally at work, and Tessa loved it. I loved watching her sing and dance, and listen to Mr. Z's story. When we were done we worked on a craft project together. We stayed after to play with the trains and puppets, and found her new favorite book about a boy named Anthony and the monster under his bed. Our last stop before heading home for lunch and naps was to the McFarland Eye Clinic, where we picked up my new glasses and Tessa's first pair of glasses. I had hoped my three year old wouldn't need glasses, but I'm so thankful that Alison, her daycare provider, has the Lyon's Club come to her home each year and complete a free eye exam for the kids. My Dad is a member of the Lyon's Club in my hometown, Tekamah, NE, and I'm aware of the great work they do. But now it personally benefited my daughter by catching her astigmatism that developed this year. She is adjusting to her new glasses, and has said, "I can see better, now." 

Are you miserable?

I may be carrying around over 13 pounds of babies, but I'm not miserable. I'm still feeling as good as to be expected to be 9 months pregnant with twins. I have not had any swelling, in fact I can still wear my wedding ring! I've been resting more and trying not to over do it. There are times when I stand up, especially when getting out of bed, that the babies feel very heavy on my torso, like they could pull me over. It's uncomfortable, but short lived until I start moving more. 

Will you try for a boy one day?

Negative! Our family is about to be complete. Our twins are the perfect way to complete our beautiful family. Many people comment, "Your poor husband!" He's used to being out numbered. It's been that way since we married and he, Taylor, and I became a family. Of course I always wanted him to have a son, but God's plan was for us to raise four beautiful, intelligent, strong women. He loves his girls', and is a great dad.

Do twins run in your family?

I blogged awhile ago about my dad being an identical twin. I have since learned that identical twins are not genetic, but fraternal twins can be genetic. Turns out that on my maternal grandmothers side of my family, I am the seventh one of my generation of cousins to have fraternal twins in the last twelve years. I think we found the twin pipeline!

Are you ready?

Cribs are up, car seats are installed, groceries, diapers, and wipes have been stock piled. Ready or not, here they come! 

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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