Published on November 01, 2016

Our New Life

Tatum (left) and Tacie: 4 days old.

Tatum (left) and Tacie: 4 days old

We were prepared for the first week home to be this insane, sleep deprived, chaotic mess. I pictured babies crying all night long, water boiling over on the stove (not that I had plans of cooking), Tessa running through the house, the dog hiding in her kennel, and Ryan and I collapsed on the couch. Surprisingly, none of this transpired.

Ryan was on vacation the first week we were home from the hospital. I was taking twelve weeks off of work, and knew that was going to be fast. Maternity leave never feels long enough. I could only imagine what it is like for Daddy to go back to work after one week home with the babies. I avoided discussing the subject to keep him from thinking about it.

Tatum and Tacie turned out to be good sleepers. They woke up about every three hours to be changed and fed, but that was to be expected. We quickly fell into a routine. This was so easy, we even invited Ryan’s parents over for supper one night. I think they had been on ‘standby’ for necessary extra sets of hands. But the twins were making this transition easy on us, and we surprised them when we said we’d even cook. 

Tessa was back at daycare. We were questioned why we’d take her if I was going to be home. Tessa loves her daycare provider, Alison, and her friends. She is also a very routine child. Socialization and routine is important. But it was also important that Tessa received a break from the twins. The opportunity to go to her happy place without the babies.  

Ryan came home from dropping Tessa off one day and told me that she was one of two kids at daycare. The rest were home sick. We were not surprised when we received a call that afternoon that both Tessa and the other child were now also sick. Home she came, and we quickly quarantined her to her room and took the babies into our room where the four of us retreated. Poor Tessa! We felt horrible, but we couldn’t risk 5 day old babies getting sick, too. Luckily, it lasted about 24 hours, and by the next afternoon she was feeling better. This was a reminder that our future involves more juggling then it has before. This is just the beginning of life throwing us the unexpected scheduling conflicts with multiple children, but our team is strong, and everything is going to be alright! 

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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