Published on April 04, 2016

One Week

Carseats for the twins

Friday, April 1st, wasn’t just April Fool’s Day, it was one week until our C-section date! Most of the day I walked around thinking, “One Week….just one week!” 

I’ve cut down to working half days at work to give myself some time to rest. I was very relieved that I wasn’t put on bed rest. As much as a day home doing nothing but watching my current Netflix addiction, “Hart of Dixie”, sounds great in theory, I’d be bored out of my mind. 

Friday, I stopped and picked up Baby books. While checking out, the store employee looked at me and the books and said, “Oh! Is someone getting twin granddaughters?!” Technically, yes, someone is. But not this someone! I’m tired, a bit defense/crabby, very pregnant, and yes it shows. “No. I’m having twin daughters.” I shot back. “Oh” was her reply as she looked at me again. Grandma’s can be very young. But I look pregnant. Bad attempt at an April fool’s joke, perhaps. Eventually I’ll forgive the lady, who finished our conversation trying to convince me to tell her the babies’ names. But not today.

The rest of our weekend was very meaningful.  After my afternoon of resting, Ryan, Tessa, and I invited his parents out for supper. Our eating out will be coming to an end very soon. Over the river and down the highway we went to Ogden, IA to the Lucky Pig. We sat near a table that consisted of a few couples out to dinner together. The ladies are listeners’ of Ryan’s morning show and were inquiring about our upcoming delivery. It’s very sweet the people who have taken interest in our twin pregnancy and have followed our story.

Tessa swimming

Tessa ready for the pool!

Saturday, Tessa and I went swimming for what most likely will be the last time for a couple of months. It’s great therapy for me, and I have absolutely loved watching her grow. The first time we went was her first time not in a baby pool, but actual 3-6 foot deep pool. She was scared, exclaiming, “Too deep! Too deep!” She spent most of the time by the pool, and when she was in the water, she had a death grip around my neck. The second time, she discovered her Puddle Jumper (floatation device) allowed her to stay above water and gave her the freedom to move around without having to hold on to me. This weekend, she was a professional little fish. She woke up and was ready to go to the pool. She was my little backseat driver on the way there, telling me, “Turn this way to the pool!” Once in the pool, I wasn’t allowed to hold her, and she kicked herself to move around the pool and even ‘swam’ laps as I walked the pool for exercise. She did awesome. I was very proud of the skills she has developed in a short amount of time over a few weeks. The other people at the pool cheered her on as they’ve also watched her grow.

The rest of Saturday was spent the three of us. We rested, played, prepared for this new week, and just enjoyed being home together. 

Sunday was productive. As much as I wanted to sleep all day, we had things to do. Car seat bases were put in the van and the car. Tessa’s current car seat was too wide to sit in my backseat with two baby carriers, therefore she was surprised with a new car seat. She was pretty happy this morning to take a ride in her new seat, thanked me for it, and then went on to discuss that “a twin will sit by me, and another twin will sit over there.” The car seats are by the front door and ready to go. Everything is ready. It’s all put together. Now, we await the babies!

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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