Published on April 01, 2016

Maternal Nesting


Wikipedia will tell you that Maternal Nesting is caused by mammals, including humans and birds, hormonal actions to prepare to shelter their soon to be babies. My reason is to make sure when people come to visit the babies, the neat freaks of the world don’t judge my house. 

I don’t recall nesting with Tessa as much. We also lived in a tiny house, and due in the winter, therefore not many people were getting out and about to see us. I was fortunate that we had a friend, Sarah Kuster, who was home from college on Christmas break that was willing to sacrifice her time to come and hold Tessa so I could clean and even run errands. She didn’t seem to mind the job.  

This time around, my nesting habits kicked in right after New Year’s Day. All the Christmas Decorations came down, were packed away for the year, and we started to work. First, we had to say goodbye to the guest room and prepare it for Tessa. Once she was moved in, we added a second crib to her old room and the nursery began to come into place. I didn’t want to paint the nursery for a couple reasons. I couldn’t commit to a color, the room is currently a nice neutral color, and in a few years, I’m sure the girls’ will want to pick their own color. We did accent the room with lavender and teal, two colors I’ve always liked separately and together.

My next project was our walk-in pantry. When we moved in, I was so excited for this feature since we didn’t have useful space in our old house for a pantry. Now, we had a room! We had to learn how to use this space, as weird as that sounds. I searched the internet for ideas, and finally bought plastic tote type containers to start organizing. All foods that were alike get stored together. IE: Pastas in one, crackers in another, etc. I bought a can holder to help with space and make sure the oldest is used first. I was on a roll!  Ryan was a big help with my project. And then he started to put the totes away in the pantry in no particular order. “AHH! What are you doing?” I asked. “Putting these away. They’re done.” He said logically. “You can’t just put them anywhere. They have to be put in a logical position!” I explained. With a look of, “you’re insane”, he said, “Okay so you’re nesting early. I’ll let you figure out where they should go.” That was probably best for both of us. 

Our bedroom became a catchall room as we got rid of the guest room and moved Tessa.  As anyone who moves knows, you purge your closets and donate enough clothes and other items to the Goodwill to make the IRS wonder if you really donated that many items when you file your taxes. We in fact did. I had moved totes of clothes with me from Omaha when I moved to Iowa when we were first dating. Nine years and an undisclosed number of pounds later, I still couldn’t fit back into them. I saved a few things for when they “fit again”, and the rest was donated, along with donations from Ryan and Taylor.  Who knew this process a year ago would make life easier in the future. That being said, we didn’t have many clothes to part ways with, just reorganize it. The fact it’s done and our room is more open and ready for the babies to join is such a satisfying feeling. 

Taylor and Tessa both loved helping go through all the baby clothes we stored and divide up by sizes, wash, and put away for our newest ladies. Digging out the baby swing, Rock N Play, baby bath, etc. means a corner of Ryan’s Man room is a little less manly. But he doesn’t mind. He loves his girls’.  

Now the clutter is mostly taken care of, it was time to start cleaning. By this time in my pregnancy with twins, I’m getting tired. Scrubbing floors isn’t going to happen. I had learned of the Norwex products through my friend, Cristin. I bought one of their dusting gloves and was a fan instantly. When my friend Terri invited me to her Norwex party, I decided to go. I told her I wouldn’t host a party, but I would buy, as long as she didn’t tell Ryan how much I spent! (She kept good on her end of the deal, I however shared my purchase information with excitement!) I’m a fan of not using chemical’s to clean my house, especially with small children around. It’s been perfect timing as I’m working on my nesting skills.  

I’m now one week from delivery. I am still restricted to be resting at least half days.  Therefore what is done is done. I’m fortunate to have a husband and daughters that are so helpful. Taylor, for a teenager, is always asking, “Mindy, can I help you?” Why yes you can! Ryan is always tiding up, and even three year old Tessa thinks using a dusting glove is great entertainment.  

We’re almost there now. This is getting real.  

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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