Published on October 29, 2015

Keeping Secrets

Tessa and Taylor

My daughters Tessa (3) and Taylor (14)

When we were pregnant with Tessa, we announced it to our family at the end of 12 weeks.  We felt we were through the first trimester, and we had enjoyed having our secret to talk about with just the two of us.  We decided this time around we would do the same. 

But sometimes, you lose all control!  On September 15th, I dislocated my left shoulder, for the second time in two months.  I don’t have a great story.  I wasn’t doing anything adventurous.  I was playing on the floor with Tessa, swung my arm back and up in a ridiculous motion, and out it went.  Ryan was broadcasting a Volleyball game, so it was my In-laws to the rescue.  My Mother in Law, Janis, drove me to the hospital while my Father In law, Terry, stayed with Tessa.  On the ride there, I kept thinking about how to avoid her from learning our news.  The triage nurse took me back to ask me questions, and make sure I felt “safe in your own home” (which I’ll admit, I jokingly said, “Apparently I’m NOT safe in my own home, but I’m my problem!”). I quickly blurted out, “By the way, I’m pregnant, we can’t talk about it, because that’s my Mother in law, and she doesn’t know.”  She said okay, and passed the message to the Paramedic and Physician who were treating me.  I didn’t even realize that they all knew, until it was time to put my shoulder back into place, and we were doing it without any drugs.  I said, “What, no drugs?” and I saw the look between the Dr. and the Paramedic like, “Oh crap.”  The Physician told the Paramedic to start an IV, but was able to pop it back in before she started the IV.

Janis stepped out of the room when it was time to get dressed, and the Paramedic excitedly congratulated me on the news!  My Mother In Law had no clue everyone was keeping a secret from her.

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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