Published on November 23, 2015

Gender Reveal!

The day we found out we were pregnant, Ryan predicted we would have another girl.  When we found out we were having twins he said in disbelief, “Wow, we’re going to have four daughters.”

When we were expecting Tessa, and now the twins, we’ve always said we didn’t care about the gender, but rather prayed they’d be healthy.  When pregnant with Tessa, I was convinced all along she was a girl.  I didn’t have a gut feeling this time.  Tessa likes to tell everyone, “We have babies comin’ soon.”  She would tell me, “I will hold the boy baby and you can hold the girl baby.”  From the beginning she predicted it would be one of each.  Taylor didn’t really predict.  However, she didn’t made it a secret that she wants more little sisters. 

We had another ultrasound at week 16. It was Friday the 13th.  My plate was full and I was not about to let the date make me superstitious.  While sitting in the Doran Clinic waiting room, I asked Ryan, “Want to make any predictions?” “We’re not going to learn the gender’s today” he said.  He wasn’t any fun.  When we went back for the ultrasound, Cindy, the Ultrasound tech who I will get to see once a month, asked us, “Any gender predictions?”  “Two girls”, Ryan quickly responded.  I predicted one of each.  Maybe Tessa was rubbing off on me.  The babies’ heartbeats were both strong and they were growing well.  They each weigh five ounces, but strangely enough, both weighed in at 169 grams.  We were told that it’s not common that twins weigh the exact same. 

We remembered what we learned when we were pregnant with Tessa.  When looking at the ultrasound, if you see a ‘turtle’ shape, it’s a boy.  If you see three lines, it’s a girl.  Cindy said she felt pretty confident that Baby A was a……girl!  Baby B wasn’t as easy to predict.  After a while she said, “I think this one is a girl.”  We questioned which baby she was referring too.  She said, “Baby B.  It’s two girls.”  We were excited for two more healthy baby girls.  I told Ryan, “I’m sorry!  I was really hoping you’d get a boy.”  He thought he was out numbered before, he’s really outnumbered now!  Cindy said, “Maybe next time you’ll have a boy.”  We quickly responded, “There isn’t going to be a next time!” 

Tessa and Taylor

Tessa and Taylor Wendt

We arrived at Ryan’s parents to pick up Tessa.  Ryan asked, “Tessa, are you excited to be a big sister?”  “Yeah” she answered, busy with her Little People play set.  “Are you excited to be a big sister to two little sisters?”  “Yeah!” She screamed and danced around.  We called Taylor, who was just leaving basketball practice with her friends.  When she learned the news she also started screaming and jumping up and down.  She was not on speaker phone but I could hear her.  I guarantee she was on cloud nine for the rest of the night.  We went out for supper that night in Ogden to the Lucky Pig.  The owner came around and greeted us.  Ryan’s mom told him we were expecting twins next spring.  Tessa chimed in, “Yeah, two sisters!”  We were apparently ready to reveal the gender!  We called family and texted friends.  Everyone was happy for us.  The most common response, “Poor Ryan!”

I asked Ryan why he always assumed we would have two more daughters, he answered, “Because I’m 2 for 2 when making girls and for some reason I did a decent job raising the first two so I figured God would bring two more for us to do the same.”  And he’s right.  We are blessed with the opportunity to raise four smart, strong girls to become independent, intelligent women.  I can’t wait to meet our newest little gals!

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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