Published on January 14, 2016

Ryan Wendt

Guest Blog

This "Double Trouble" blog post was written by Mindy's husband, Ryan Wendt. Ryan serves as morning show host and sports director at KWBG in Boone.

When Mindy asked if I would write my point of view on “Double Trouble” I thought it would be kind of a neat thing. I mean, you have all gotten to read what her thoughts, emotions, struggles have been -- but what about the guy? Yeah I know we don’t have to carry the kids, have the morning sickness or give ourselves shots of insulin, but we still matter, right?

The most asked question (besides do we have names picked out) has been what did you think when she told you? I honestly went through a bunch of emotions that day. Her car was in the garage (she was supposed to be at work) she had been texting me updates (and those magically disappeared) and when I got inside our house her eyes were red (obvious sign of crying.) The first thought I had was that she lost the baby and that left a little bit of a knot in my throat. I still remember the first question I asked, which was, did you hear a heartbeat? When she said yes……paused and said two, I don’t know what went through my mind (besides where was my passport and was Canada really lovely this time of year?) I guess after I processed that we just doubled our household, I was just happy that everything was ok. In the grand scheme of things, you just want a healthy baby (or babies in this case) and everything else is kind of trivial (what you’re having, when your due date is, who will they look like, etc.) I knew she was scared, so I had a seat (cause I kinda needed one) and we calmly talked about bringing more Wendt’s into the world.

The last few months have been fun and crazy. Mindy is getting into her nesting stage and keeps bringing up all the things we need to buy for the girls, as well as getting their room ready to go, and constantly talking about cleaning this or that (I think it would help my sanity to just hire a maid and get a part time job to pay for her, but anyway…..) I’m excited to finally meet them. I wonder what they’ll act like, will they sleep thru the night, what about their feedings, I wonder how I will pay for two sets of basketball shoes someday, what about two prom dresses, two weddings? (Insert Howard Dean scream here). But seriously, in 2013 there were 132,324 twin births in the United States (according to the google) so it’s not like this hasn’t happened before or won’t happen again (well not to us cause NO NO NO NO).  Parents get by everyday having multiples and so will we, we’ll be fine, we’ll be great, we’ll fail, we’ll succeed, heck we might even learn some stuff about ourselves. No matter what happens it’ll be one great story someday to tell our grandkids right? Well for now I need to let you all go, I’m getting a phone call from a 365 area code and I’m not sure why…………

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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