Published on March 16, 2016

Big Sister Taylor's Perspective

Guest Blog

This “Double Trouble” blog post was written by Mindy’s Daughter, Taylor Wendt. Taylor is a freshman at Independence High School in Independence, IA. She is active in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. She loves her family, especially her little sister.

Taylor and Tessa

Taylor (right) with her first little sister, Tessa.

Hi, my name is Taylor Wendt. I’m 14 years old. My dad is Ryan and my step mom is Mindy. And I’m a big sister. I remember the day my dad and Mindy told me I was going to be a big sister the first time. On my dad’s side I was the only child, so being told I wasn’t going to be an only child any more was the worst news, because I thought my dad was going to love the new baby more than me. Over time I grew to love the fact that I was going to be a big sister but what really made me happy was when I found out the baby was going to be a girl. I was super excited. I couldn’t wait for my baby sister!  

When Tessa was 2, I got her to say, “I want to be a big sister.” I taught her this because I thought it was cute and because I wanted to be big sister again. I like taking care of little kids, especially babies. When Tessa was little I was a very big helper and I bet Tessa will be too. I wasn’t sure if they were going to have another kid or not. But one day after basketball I had a text from my dad saying please call when you have chance. At this point I was wondering what was going on. I was a little scared what the he needed to tell me. When I got home I called him. When he answered, I asked what’s up and he said, “How would you like to be a big sister again, times two?” I said, “No way! Two babies?” I was super excited to be a big sister, but a big sister to two babies blew my mind. We talked a lot about the genders of the babies. I said it would be one boy and one girl. But I said I would like two girls. I remember the night dad told me the genders. I was so happy it was two girls!

Since their due date is coming up soon I’ve been counting down the days.  I can’t wait to meet my new baby sisters!

About the Author

Mindy WendtMindy Wendt is a mom of twin girls who were born in April 2016! She and her husband Ryan also have two daughters, Taylor (15) and Tessa (4).



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