Rooftop Garden

The rooftop garden promises to be a popular spot for patients, visitors and hospital staff.

Accessible from the 5th floor of the new patient tower, the 5,000 square foot garden provides an area unlike any other in the hospital.

“The rooftop garden provide patients from all floors, not just Oncology, an opportunity to get away from the hospital so to speak. They’ll be able to leave their rooms, relax outside and enjoy the sunshine,” said Sue Scoles, RN, director of Inpatient Nursing. “It is also a comforting place that will hopefully provide a little bit of stress relief for those families with loved ones in the hospital.”

The garden, which features a pleasing mix of trees and flowers, also has benches and tables so that meals can be enjoyed outside. Playground equipment in the east section of the garden is a popular attraction for families with children.

Rooftop Garden

The 5,000 square foot garden has flowers, trees, benches, tables and playground equipment, making it the perfect place to enjoy the weather.

Rooftop Garden Seating

A view of one of the seating areas in the rooftop garden.

Rooftop Garden Playground

Playground equipment installed in the rooftop garden at Mary Greeley Medical Center