Patient-Centered, Patient-Ready

Enhancing Patient Care: Mary Greeley Medical Center’s New Patient Tower is Now Open.

New Patient Room

Rooms in Mary Greeley Medical Center’s new
patient tower are 240 square feet,
compared to the old 168 square feet.
The bathrooms have also been expanded 80 square
feet from 23 square feet.

Eighty-two people made history at Mary Greeley Medical Center on April 27, 2014. They were the first patients who received care in the spacious rooms in the medical center’s new tower.

Among the key features of the new patient tower are the generously sized patient rooms, which provide more space for care providers, as well as for families.

Go inside a new patient room!

Take a tour inside the new larger rooms at Mary Greeley Medical Center by watching this video, led by Matt Aitchison, RN, BSN, director of the Medical/Surgical floor.

Learn more about Mary Greeley's new patient tower:

Time Lapse Video

Construction TimelapseInterested in seeing how far we’ve come? Check out this short time lapse video!