Patient-Centered Design

Staff, along with patients, visitors and families will find the new patient rooms at Mary Greeley Medical Center much more spacious.

There are 124 finished rooms in the new patient tower: 54 on the 3rd floor, 54 on the 4th floor and 16 on the 5th floor. But, the hospital is not increasing the number of patient beds. “Mary Greeley will still be licensed as a 220 bed facility, as we will take some current rooms off-line when the new tower opens,” says Sue Scoles, executive director of inpatient nursing. “We’ve increased the size of our patient rooms, which will enhance care, accommodate new technology and provide more space for visitors.”

Zero Threshold Shower

The new rooms feature bathrooms
that have more than tripled in size. 

Each new room is 240 square feet, compared to 168 square feet in the old patient tower. The bathrooms have also been expanded 80 square feet from 23 square feet, are ADA accessible and include universal design features, such as zero threshold showers.

There are distinct areas in each room for the staff, patients and their families. For example, in each room there is a separate area designated for a comfortable sleeper sofa for family members who wish to stay overnight.

Because of the structure of the new patient tower, the patient rooms offer pleasant views and allow in more natural light. 

To create a space that provides a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment for patients, the hospital built a mock room and gathered input from staff that would be delivering care in the new tower.

Many had voice in development of rooms.

Everyone thinks of doctors and nurses when it comes to patient care, but it was important to the design of the new tower that other departments such as Rehab & Wellness, Cardiopulmonary Services, Dietetic Services, Materials Management and Environmental Services also be included.

Guest Services staff member Amanda Crawford makes the bed in one of the new patient rooms.

Guest Services staff member Amanda
Crawford makes the bed in one of the
new patient rooms. She is one of many
employees who offered input into
the new room design. 

“Great recommendations came from physicians, nurses and others who visited the mock room. They told us how it could be designed or equipped to better serve patients,” says Brian Dieter, president and CEO of Mary Greeley Medical Center. “Our new rooms have truly been shaped by the people most involved in the process of delivering excellent patient care.” 

Matt Hart, director of Dietetic Services, was impressed with the amount of ownership staff was given. “Everyone was included from the beginning.
We met with the architects before anything was even built. We were able to provide input on the kitchenettes on every floor and the space within the patient rooms,” says Hart. “For example, there are alcoves on every floor so our food carts don’t take up space in the hallway.”

Hospital employees were also invited to select the color schemes in the new patient tower. The architects for the project, Shive Hattery, provided an interior designer who researched different colors and put together palettes that would contribute to a healing environment. Those palettes were reviewed by employees and favorites were selected based on their input.

Tour a new patient room

Time Lapse Video

Construction TimelapseInterested in seeing how far we’ve come? Check out this short time lapse video!