A Comforting Place

New oncology floor provides suites for patients, families.

Oncology floor at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Map of the new oncology floor.

The average length of stay for an adult inpatient is just over four days. It can be longer for a patient facing cancer. The fifth floor in the new patient tower is dedicated to caring for oncology patients, and features three family suites that offer a home-like atmosphere.

The 480-square-foot Burke Family suites, which were made possible by a donation from the William Burke family to the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation, have two separate areas. One area is for patients and the other is for families. “These rooms provide a lot of opportunities for our oncology patients and allow families to stay together during extremely difficult times,” says Sue Scoles, RN, executive director of inpatient nursing. “Sometimes these patients are here for weeks at a time. That means they’re celebrating birthdays, holidays and anniversaries in the hospital. These suites will give them more space to be able to enjoy time with loved ones.”

Scoles also notes that the three suites on the Oncology floor are positive
airflow rooms. In a positive airflow room, air flows out of the room instead of in, so that any airborne bacteria that may infect the patient are minimized. This is especially important for cancer patients, as their immune systems are already severely compromised.

The new Oncology floor also provides outpatient infusion therapy
for patients who need blood and/or blood products, daily IV antibiotics or chemotherapy.

The 5th floor also provides access to the new rooftop garden. Read more about the garden.

Time Lapse Video

Construction TimelapseInterested in seeing how far we’ve come? Check out this short time lapse video!