A Hospital on the Move

Weeks of planning involved in transition to new patient tower.

Moving into Mary Greeley's new patient tower was a big task, requiring weeks of thoughtful planning and careful attention to detail. Patients were moved into the new tower April 27, 2014.

Three stage transition.

Lynn Whisler, vice president of Clinical and Support Services at Mary Greeley Medical Center, said there were three stages to transitioning patient care to the new building. "The first stage is activation of the new facility. This means that we need to make sure that everything in the new tower is working properly."

The second phase was the training and orientation of the staff. The new patient tower is new not only to patients, but also to Mary Greeley employees, medical staff and volunteers. Before patients could be moved, the staff needed to be oriented to the new building and undergo training in various areas. "We can't occupy the new tower until we know our staff has completed a thorough orientation," Whisler said.

The third and final phase was the actual patient move. In preparation, mock moves took place to determine how much time it would take to move a patient from one building to the other.

On the day of the move, a command center was set up and staffed with experts from key medical center departments. Teams were formed to take one patient at a time to the new tower. Once the patient was settled in their new room, the team would radio back to the command center and a second team began moving another patient. This continued until all patients were moved.

Time Lapse Video

Construction TimelapseInterested in seeing how far we’ve come? Check out this short time lapse video!