A Little Extra Help

Lift systems provide quick assistance.

Patient Lift

Lifts can be found in select rooms on all patient floors
and will help patients with limited mobility.
Each lift can hold up to 600 pounds.

Patients with limited mobility often times need help getting out of bed. This can be a physically demanding task for patients and hospital staff.

In the old patient tower, when a patient needed to be lifted, equipment was brought into the patient’s room to assist in lifting so that the patient stays safe. This equipment was large and took up quite a bit of space.

In the new tower, permanent lifts have been installed in select rooms on all three patient floors. These lifts slide on tracks attached to the ceiling and when not in use, are stored in a cabinet near the patient’s bed. These lifts are readily available to help reduce the likelihood of injury for both patients and staff.

Time Lapse Video

Construction TimelapseInterested in seeing how far we’ve come? Check out this short time lapse video!