New Card. New Number. Same Medicare.

Be Prepared to Receive Your New Medicare Card

Medicare is going to be mailing new Medicare cards with a new “Medicare Number” between April 2018 - April 2019. Your Social Security number is being removed from your Medicare card to help protect your identity. Your benefits and coverage will stay the same only the card will change.

New Medicare Card compared to the current medicare card.

It is important that Social Security has your correct address on file so you receive your card. To verify or update your address, visit the Social Security Administration or call 1-800-772-1213. TTY users can call 1-800-325-0778. If you are a Railroad retiree, contact the Railroad Retirement Board at 877-772-5772.

When your new card comes in the mail destroy your old card so no one can get your personal information. Start using your new card right away. Medicare won’t call you about your card, so beware of scams. If someone calls saying they “work with” or represent Medicare and ask for your Medicare card number or other personal information, hang up!

If you have questions about Medicare or the new cards call the state of Iowa’s Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) at 800-351-4664 (TTY 800-735-2942).

New Medicare Cards are Coming - Click image to play YouTube Video

Why new cards?

Check out this quick one minute video to learn more about the new cards.

10 Things to Know About Your New Medicare Card

  1. Mailing takes time: Your card may arrive at a different time than your friend’s or neighbor’s.
  2. Make sure your address is up to date: Are you currently receiving mail from Medicare or Social Security? If you are, your address is up to date. If not, contact Social Security by phone or go to your online my Social Security account to update your mailing address. If you are a Railroad retiree, contact the Railroad Board.
  3. Destroy your old Medicare card: Once you get your new Medicare card, destroy your old Medicare card and start using your new card right away. Do NOT destroy your Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplement or Medicaid card. These are not changing.
  4. Your new Medicare Number is unique: Your card has a new number instead of your Social Security Number. This new number is unique to you. Your new card does not change your Medicare benefits.
  5. Guard your card: Only give your new Medicare number to doctors, pharmacists, other health care providers, your insurers, or people you trust to work with Medicare on your behalf.
  6. Keep your new card with you: Carry your new card and show it to your health care providers when you need care.
  7. Keep your Medicare Advantage Card: If you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, you need to keep your card and use it whenever you need care. This is your main card for Medicare. You may be asked to show your Medicare card too.
  8. Watch out for scams: Medicare will send your card automatically. Your card is free. Scam artists may try to call you to get your personal information. Medicare will never call you to ask for your personal information to get your Medicare card. They already have it. If you get a call like this, hang up and call 1-800-MEDICARE.

  9. Your doctor knows it’s coming: Doctors, other health care facilities and providers will ask for your new Medicare card when you need care. If you forgot your card, your provider may be able to look up your Medicare number online.

  10. Help is available: If you don’t get your new Medicare card by April 2019, call 1-800-MEDICARE. Any questions about your Medicare benefits, Medicare supplement, Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plans, call SHIIP at 1-800-351-4664 (TTY) 1-800-735-2942.

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