Pricing Transparency

To make informed decisions about your healthcare, you need information that is useful and easy to access. Mary Greeley is committed to providing the information you need, which is why we report charges for inpatient and outpatient services to the Iowa Hospital Association. This information is published on a publicly available database that provides average charges for Mary Greeley services, as well as other data including the average lengths of stay for specific procedures. You can also compare Mary Greeley’s charges to those of other Iowa hospitals.

You can access this information at the IHA website.

The cost information is an estimate of hospital charges. While Mary Greeley charges are the same for all patients, the amount for which an individual patient is responsible can vary depending on health insurance plan. The information provided does not cover all the costs that might be associated with a procedure, such as fees for physician services, anesthesiology, and drugs.

In addition to charge information, you can view Mary Greeley’s performance on a variety of publicly reported quality measures.

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If you have a question regarding charges for inpatient or outpatient services at Mary Greeley, or other questions related to billing or financial assistance, please contact our Business Office at 515-239-2111.

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