Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy dog at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Pet therapy enhances the overall
environment of the hospital,
serving our patients, family,
visitors and staff.

Mary Greeley Medical Center’s pet therapy program, called Pet Enhanced Treatment (PET), provides comforting canines for patients in Acute Rehabilitation, Behavioral Health and Hospice. The program began in 2007.  

Pet therapy is considered an effective treatment because humans tend to bond with animals and the dogs provide unconditional love. Studies have shown that interactions with animals, especially touch, can lower blood pressure and enhance a positive attitude. 

Mary Greeley’s PET program involves almost a dozen dogs of varying breeds. Pet therapy dogs must be at least one year old to try out for the program, but most of the dogs involved in the program are between four and eight years old.

PET therapy at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Pictured above are several PET therapy dogs with their owners who volunteer
many hours at Mary Greeley Medical Center.


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