Art Program

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Auxiliary invites you to enjoy our award-winning art program and "Ames' largest art gallery."

Explore the hallways of Mary Greeley Medical Center, and you will find a wide-ranging permanent collection of art from regional artists in a multitude of media including: watercolor, fiber, pastel, oil, pencil, ink, paper sculpture, acrylic, photography and more. The main hall provides temporary rotating exhibitions with art for sale. Our glass case in the main lobby contains artist’s three-dimensional works in wood, jewelry, metal, pottery, fabric and mixed media also for sale. New exhibits begin every few weeks.

Many of the works are for sale. Sales are handled through the Auxiliary Gift Shop, located in the main lobby of the medical center. These funds help Mary Greeley Medical Center add to and maintain its permanent art collection.

The Mary Greeley Auxiliary promotes art as healing, therapy, pleasure and inspiration to be enjoyed by patients, visitors, and employees.

For more information regarding the Art Program at Mary Greeley Medical Center, call Volunteer Services at 515-239-2210.

Rotating Artist Exhibits

Gary Hoard 

Wings & Petals
December 2018 - February 2019

I have been photographing for over 50 years, always with a special interest in nature. Photography is my way to capture the ordinary and unusual moments in the nature around us. I particularly enjoy viewing the birds, butterflies and flowers in our state and county parks, state refuges, farms, and gardens. Looking through the lens and composing an interesting shot forces me to be more aware of what if going on around me, enhancing the outdoor experience. I enjoy this natural experience whether or not I get the photo – the image is a bonus which allows me to share a special moment with others.

The images are printed on metal which reflects the vibrancy I see in the natural world.

All of the photographs here are originals and all are for sale.

Jacqueline Stoken

November 2018 - January 2019

I spent hours exploring the woods and fields around our house in rural Pennsylvania where I was raised. My love of nature led me to study science and medicine. My photography aims to capture the essence, beauty and spirit of the environment and its inhabitants.

These images have been created in the past 4 years. The show consists of 22 photographs carefully chosen among those that I captured. Through my photography I have tried to illuminate the ever-changing visual richness of this land, the culture and environmental heritage.

The photographs are digital. They are traditionally printed in the digital darkroom and mounted on archival mats. They are archival for more than 100 years. Each of the photographs is for sale.

All of the photographs here are originals and all are for sale.

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