Amenities for Patients & Visitors

When you’re a patient at Mary Greeley Medical Center, both you and your visitors get our personal, expert attention and care.

New Patient Room

A patient room at
Mary Greeley Medical Center.

  • Patient Rooms

    Among the key features of Mary Greeley's patient tower are the generously sized patient rooms, which provide more space for care providers, as well as for families. In each room there is a separate area designated for a comfortable sleeper sofa for family members who wish to stay overnight.

  • Phones: Cellular phones are allowed within the medical center, although they cannot be used within five feet of medical equipment in use. Local phone service is provided free of charge.

  • Wireless Internet: Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the medical center as "mgmcpublic." This is a free service for patients and guests to enhance your stay and time at Mary Greeley.

  • Cable Television: Check out our cable TV channel listings, which include patient education programming as well as a relaxation channel, combining peaceful scenes of nature with beautiful music designed to enhance your healing environment.

  • Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf: We have several telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDDs). These devices allow patients and visitors with severe hearing impairments to communicate over regular telephone lines with other TDD users. Please speak with someone at the front desk about using a TDD.

  • Cafeteria & Room Service

    When it comes to eating, a stay at Mary Greeley Medical Center is like a stay in a fine hotel. With our room service program, patients eat what they want just about any time they want it. Our certified chefs also offer healthy and tasty main dishes in our cafeteria, located on the second floor of the medical center.

  • Rooftop Garden

    Accessible from the 5th floor of the patient tower, the 5,000 square foot garden provides an area unlike any other in the hospital. A pleasing mix of trees and flowers, also has benches and tables so that meals can be enjoyed outside. Playground equipment in the east section of the garden is a popular attraction for families with children.

  • Overnight Lodging

    If you have a loved one in the hospital, you might choose to stay the night on the comfortable sleeper sofa in the patient room. Or consider staying in the Mary Greeley Medical Guest House or at a local hotel offering discounted rates to patients and their family members.

  • Spiritual Care & Online Prayer Request

    We understand that healing involves the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Mary Greeley Medical Center offers chaplaincy services to patients and their loved ones. If you need someone to talk to or pray with, our chaplains are ready to help. Make an online prayer request today!

  • Pet Therapy

    Studies have shown that interactions with animals, especially touch, can lower blood pressure and enhance a positive attitude.

  • Art Program

    Explore the hallways of Mary Greeley Medical Center, and you will find a wide-ranging permanent collection, as well as an ever-changing collection of art from regional artists.

Cheer Cards

Cheer Cards

Let a patient know you’re thinking of them by sending a Cheer Card! Cheer cards are fun, easy to personalize and free. Browse our Cheer Cards and brighten someone's day.

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Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Looking for something special for a loved one at Mary Greeley? Our gift shop has many comforting items available, including fresh flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals. Visit us near the hospital main entrance, next to Burgie's Coffee & Tea Company or call us at 515-239-2190.

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