Making a Difference

Whether you designate your gift to promote health and healing, offer care to the terminally ill, or support education of those in health-related fields of study, your contributions through the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation help us provide specialized care with a personal touch.

Below are a few of the projects for which we are actively raising funds. With your contributions, the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation continues to support these valuable health care services.

William R. Bliss Cancer Center

The William R. Bliss Cancer Center is dedicated to bringing patients the best cancer care close to home. Generous donations help support many areas, including numerous screening programs and community education.

Cancer Resource Center

The Cancer Resource Center provides patients, families and community members a full range of services, including support groups, educational programming, personal research assistance, genetic education and more.

Dr. Joe Rhoades Cancer Compassion Fund

Video: Dr. Joe Rhoades Cancer Compassion Fund

VIDEO: Dr. Joe Rhoades

Dr. Joe Rhoades was a long-time radiation oncologist in the William R. Bliss Cancer Center who left behind a legacy of compassion and generosity. Watch this short video to learn more.

The Dr. Joe Rhoades Cancer Compassion Fund provides support to patients and families beyond what the hospital is able to provide. Assistance is based on financial need and is designed to respond to the unique medical needs of patients and their families, which can include gas cards for those who travel far distances, overnight accommodations and special treatment related needs.

For someone in the battle of their life, these expenses can quickly become a financial hardship and an overwhelming distraction from their healing process. The Compassion Fund provides the ability to help patients and families who need that extra little bit of assistance in order to help them live the best quality of life while going through treatment. In addition, these funds help bring peace of mind during a time that is extremely stressful.

Israel Family Hospice House

The Israel Family Hospice House provides special care and support for the terminally ill, their families and loved ones. The tranquil setting of the Garden of Remembrance provides a special space for families to honor the lives of their loved ones. More than 600 bricks donated in memory of loved ones currently line the paths.

Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center

Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center provides educational services and nutritional information for those with diabetes and other nutritional concerns. Youth diabetes and eating disorder support groups are just two examples of how the center is helping people manage their conditions and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Education & Scholarships

The Foundation supports a number of scholarships, community outreach efforts and staff education.

Area of Greatest Need

By designating your gift to the "area of greatest need," you help Mary Greeley Medical Center staff provide the very best services and care to central Iowans. For more information about these and other projects, please contact us.

Recognizing Your Generosity

The generosity of all donors, no matter the size of their gifts, enables Mary Greeley Medical Center to be the medical center of choice in central Iowa.

For more information about our recognition programs, please contact us.

Greeley Awards

The Mary Greeley Foundation held its annual celebration and presented Greeley Awards to Deb, Bill, Lyndsey and Billy Fennelly and Renewable Energy Group (REG). Greeley Awards celebrate those who demonstrate a commitment to philanthropy, and whose contributions and leadership are invaluable to Mary Greeley through support of the Foundation.

The Fennelly Family is well-known for their commitment to giving back to the community, including Mary Greeley for more than 20 years. Deb, Bill, Lyndsey and Billy Fennelly are the kind of supporters every non-profit dreams of having. Even though their lives may be busy juggling work, family and numerous other responsibilities, the Fennellys always make time to volunteer, financially support, and serve as tireless advocates for Mary Greeley in our community. Their uniqueness lies in giving beyond their own resources, helping us raise significant funds over the years for mental health services, the William R. Bliss Cancer Center, and the Extraordinary Visions Campaign – in a variety of ways.

REG was recognized for their long-time partnership and support, investing in its community by generously supporting Mary Greeley Medical Center. Not only are they leading the transformation of biofuel and positively impacting the environment and economy around the world, they are making a significant impact on the lives of children right here at home. For many years, REG has been a sponsor of the Mary Greeley Mileage Club, which helps promote healthy living and active lifestyles by encouraging elementary students to eat fruits and vegetables and move more.

The Mary Greeley Foundation held its annual celebration and presented Greeley Awards to Deb, Bill, Lyndsey and Billy Fennelly and Renewable Energy Group (REG).

Pictured from left: Katie Stanley, Natalie Merrill, Raymond Richie, Matt Waite, Grace Feilmeier, Kristin Johnson, Matt Giles, Lyndsey Fennelly, Billy Fennelly, Deb Fennelly and Bill Fennelly.

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation supports the mission of Mary Greeley Medical Center through philanthropy and engagement.

Past Greeley Award Winners 

Sarah Buck, 2016
The Burke Family, 2016
Phyllis Crouse, 2018
Danfoss, 2017
First National Bank, 2018
Sharon & Dan Krieger, 2017
Mary Greeley Auxiliary, 2016
McFarland Clinic, 2016

The Greeley Society

Mary Greeley Medical Center recognizes contributors who have named the medical center as a beneficiary of a planned gift. Named in honor of Captain Wallace Greeley, the Greeley Society honors those who have invested in Mary Greeley Medical Center long into the future.

Those who establish a planned gift of any size play a key role in securing the medical center’s future. These donors have remembered Mary Greeley Medical Center with a lifetime income gift or as a beneficiary of a will, trust, retirement plan, or life insurance policy.

By notifying the MGMC Foundation of your gift commitment, you will be included among the donors recognized by the Greeley Society. We are deeply grateful for these gifts and know they will have a tremendous impact well into the future.

Greeley Society Honor Roll

Anonymous (3)
Claire B. Andreasen
Janice and Kenneth Augustine
Sandra and David Austin
Pat and Louis Banitt, M.D.
Beverly Bock *
J. Ben and Sarah Buck
William M. Buck *
Agatha Burnet *
Beverly * and R. Jewell Crabtree
Phyllis Crouse
Linda and John Dasher
Jennifer and Brian Dieter
Gillian Draper
Garnet Dunn
David Fagle *
Dr. Jon L. Fleming
Barbara Forker *
Mary Frahm
Rita and Mark Gilbertson
Joan Grabenstetter, M.D.
Phyllis and Michael * Heffron
Patricia and Robert Jester
Harold K. Jewell *
Gregor Junk *
Diane Knoot *
Sharon and Daniel Krieger
Melissa and Brian McGarry
Donna and Dale Messenger
Lynn Miller
Ruth and Larry Neppl
Frankee and Jim Oleson
Karen and Robert R. Ravenscroft
Kimberly A. Russel
Janice and Robert Samuelson
Julia Sanders * and Wallace Sanders
Sandra Searl
Suzan and John Shierholz, M.D.
Joanne and Ted Tedesco
Mary T. Watkins *

* Denotes that a donor is being honored posthumously.

Donor Walls

Throughout the medical center are donor walls and displays to honor our supporters. Inside the main entrance is the cumulative giving wall, recognizing those who have contributed $1,000 or more. The Israel Family Hospice House, Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center, Cancer Resource Center, and Auxiliary Gift Shop house special recognition for their supporters.

Annual Sponsorship Program

Community leaders have the opportunity to directly impact the health and lives of thousands of people each year through their participation in the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation Sponsorship Program.
Gifts to the Foundation allowed a car simulator to be purchased for Acute Rehab. Every patient on the 17-bed floor uses this piece of equipment as they prepare to return home.

Car Simulator

Gifts to the Foundation allowed a car simulator to be purchased for Acute Rehab. Every patient on the 17-bed floor uses this piece of equipment as they prepare to return home. The simulator provides an opportunity for patients to practice getting in and out of their vehicle and fastening their seat belts. It also alerts them to real-life situations, such as where they will put a walker, while they still have staff support to help them figure out solutions. Thank you!

Delores “Dee” Croker was admitted to Mary Greeley Medical Center in early June. As she recovered from her stroke she experienced Mary Greeley first hand.

Dee shared, “All the nurses and helpers were wonderful! No one was grouchy – no one. When I needed help, they came quickly even when they were busy. They were all so pleasant. Of course Dr. Michael Bird was A+, as usual. My neurologist, Dr. Semira Ramic was just wonderful too.”

Once Dee was ready for the next step, she was transferred to the Acute Rehabilitation Center. Acute Rehab is located on the third floor of the east wing of Mary Greeley and has its own dining room, kitchenette and laundry, and car simulator to help patients practice and regain daily living skills.

Dee continued, “I didn’t know that Mary Greeley had this type of rehab available but the great care continued. I was thrilled to have all the staff come to me instead of the other way around. We walked the halls and the stairs. We practiced getting in and out of the car simulator. We took some pretty great imaginary road trips. They made work fun and helped me get back to doing what I want to do. After the therapists worked with me at the hospital and Acute Rehab other therapists followed up with Home Health Care. It was very warm and it helped so much to bring the service to the door.

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