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Grateful Patient

"From the moment we arrived at valet
parking, until the time we left, we were
treated with the utmost compassion and
respect. Thank you for providing such
wonderful people to care for us."

Has a caregiver provided exceptional patient care for you or a loved one? Did someone make an incredible impact on your experience by going above and beyond?

Say “thank you” by making a gift in honor of an employee, physician or volunteer who went beyond your expectations.

Each staff member, physician and volunteer honored by one of our grateful patients or family members will receive:

  • Recognition at a special “Beyond Expectations” ceremony
  • A lapel pin to wear proudly
  • Your personal note recognizing their great care

I want to say Thank You!

Beyond Expectations Honorees

There are many reasons patients and families choose to support Mary Greeley Medical Center while honoring caregivers who have gone beyond their expectations. Here are some of their impactful stories...  

Pictured are: Dr. Debra Prow, Dana Sprecher and Brian Dieter

Family Shows Gratitude for Compassionate Care with Gift in Honor of Dr. Debra Prow and Dena Sprecher RN

At Mary Greeley we constantly strive to meet the needs of our patients and to make their experiences better. Our partnership with McFarland Clinic allows both organizations to seamlessly provide care that goes above and beyond expectations. Recently Marcia and Mark Granzow recognized Dr. Debra Prow and Dena Sprecher RN were for going the extra mile in caring for Curtis Flessner.

Curtis’s sister Marcia shared:

We are so thankful for the understanding and great care Dr. Prow, Nurse Dena and the whole oncology team provided my brother during his cancer treatment. Curtis had special needs and Dr. Prow was wonderful to help explain his treatment plan in a way we could all grasp. The whole team knew his name and never treated him like a number. They were always helpful. It was not just his lymphoma but also his heart that brought us to the end of treatment. Dr. Prow and her team, especially Dena helped us navigate all the end-of-life care decision including hospice care, financial obligations and paperwork. What a blessing!

We are so grateful for Dr. Prow and Dena. They were wonderful, always fighting for us and going beyond what we expected. Thank you.

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Pictured are: Dr. Jeremy Fields, Jane Jackson RN, Shelly Nagel RN and Shakir Spells PCT

Dr. Jeremy Fields, Jane Jackson, RN, Shelly Nagel, RN and Shakir Spells, PCT were recently recognized for going the extra mile in caring for a patient.

The grateful wife shared: 

My 90-year old husband was admitted and prepped overnight to have a colonoscopy with Dr. Fields the next morning. Such fun for all involved! Shakir and all of the 4B team were super attentive, constantly all night. The procedure went well thanks to the amazing Dr. Fields and Jane Jackson. I stayed with him overnight two (2) nights so was well aware of his excellent care. Thank you to Shelly Nagel for putting together an exceptional team and thank you to everyone who took care of us. We cannot imagine better care.

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Pictured are: (Top) Dr Jonathan Burns and Brian Dieter, (Bottom) Dr Chug, Brian Dieter and Kelly Maher

Family honors Dr. Jonathan Burns, Dr. Jotesh Chug and Kelly Maher, RN for going Beyond Expectation

Since 2014, we have celebrated gratitude at Mary Greeley Medical Center by providing an opportunity for patients and families to thank caregivers who went above and beyond their expectations — while also making a gift to support the medical center.

In recent weeks Dr. Jonathan Burns, Dr. Jotesh Chug and Nurse Kelly Maher were recognized for going the extra mile in caring for a patient.

The patient’s family shared:

Our son Paul was admitted to the emergency department in great distress. Dr. Burns’ exceptional care and diagnosis of his problem led to his admission to the hospital. Once he was in the hospital, Dr. Chug treated him with the utmost compassion and respect. In addition, Nurse Maher not only gave excellent care to our son, but was kind and thoughtful to us, his concerned parents. Thank you!

Stories like these exemplify the mission and vision of Mary Greeley and we are honored to be recognized for doing what is right.

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Pictured are: Nurse Lyndi Yoder, Callie & Avery Ayers and Brian Dieter

Nurse Lyndi Yoder Recognized for Going Beyond Expectations

On March 30, 2018, Lyndi Yoder, RN was recognized for going the extra mile in caring for Avery Ayers.

Avery’s mother, Callie wrote:

“We are so grateful for the care we received from Lyndi during our Birthways stay. Lyndi was our night nurse and was very attentive to Avery. While giving her a bath, Lyndi noticed blood in her ear. She took her to the NICU to make sure there wasn’t a problem. It ended up being nothing but as first time parents it was a comfort to know Lyndi was so thorough in making sure Avery was alright.

We could not imagine better care. Thank you!”

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Pictured are: Brian Dieter, President & CEO of Mary Greeley Medical Center, Jill Muehe, Nurse Kaitlyn Baumgardner, Dr. Joseph Merchant, Nurse Ariel Gurerra, Kerri Peterson, Deanne Peterson, Mitch Peterson, Nurse Jessica Colby

Dr. Merchant and Oncology Team Recognized for Going Beyond Expectations

The Peterson Family is grateful for the excellent care their Mom, Judy Peterson, received as a longtime patient at Mary Greeley Medical Center while being treated for cancer.

Judy came in for treatment every week for 3 ½ years and she received extraordinarily compassionate care from Dr. Merchant and the whole oncology team.

“When we first started coming to Mom’s appointments, Dr. Merchant was very professional and would always shake each of our hands before we jumped into the details of the day. At our third appointment he missed shaking Mom’s hand before logging on to his computer. She piped up right away and said, ‘What about me dweeb?’ Our jaws dropped but that comment got Dr. Merchant and Mom laughing. From then on, they were constantly joking back and forth, trying to out-do one another. Dr. Merchant opened up to Mom and made the whole process easier. He was of course, still professional, but also so personal and we could tell he really cared.

Everyone that came into contact with Mom was wonderful but we especially want to recognize Jill Muehe and Nurses Kaitlyn Baumgardner, Jessica Colby and Ariel Gurerra. Jill made it so easy to lineup appointments and work with our schedules. Mom loved Ariel, Kaitlyn and Jessica so much she kept trying to set them up with her grandsons.

Mom’s contagious laughter kept us all going. It seems like we laughed more than cried during this process. It’s crazy to say, but we looked forward to our visits. Thank you.”

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Pictured are: Brian Dieter, Dr. Merchant, Rae Reilly, Lynn Lanning

Dr. Merchant and Lynn Lanning Recognized for Going Beyond Expectations

Rae Reilly is grateful for the excellent care her husband Peter received as a longtime patient at Mary Greeley Medical Center while being treated for stage 4 duodenal cancer.

For a year and a half, Peter received excellent and compassionate care from Oncologist Dr. Joseph Merchant, McFarland Clinic Oncology Services Director Lynn Lanning, others on the oncology team and those on Mary Greeley’s 5th floor.

“Dr. Merchant was such a blessing to both Pete and me,” Rae said. “He had a way of getting Pete to listen to him and to ‘follow the doctor’s orders’ – not an easy task. Even when we saw him outside the doctor’s office, he would make a point of checking on us, giving Pete his ‘Hairy Eyeball Test’ and responding to my concerns. I continue to be very grateful for the care both of us received.”

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Pictured are: Jamie Wilkens, Brian Dieter, Susan Donaldson and Michelle Sweeney

Michelle Sweeney and Jamie Wilkens Recognized for Extraordinary, Compassionate Care

Susan Donaldson is grateful for the excellent care she and her husband Larry received during his final day at Mary Greeley Medical Center. So much so, that she made a donation in honor of Michelle Sweeney and Jamie Wilkens through the Beyond Expectations program.

Susan writes, “On Larry’s last day, we thought he was going to be transitioning to another facility for continued care. Michelle Sweeney in Social Services was very helpful in explaining things to me. However, then Larry took a turn for the worse and was admitted to ICCU. Michelle continued to stay by my side and support me until my brother-in-law arrived. She kept me up to speed on what they were doing and testing for, and comforted me along the way. I was thankful she was there for me to lean on as I really needed that at the time. She couldn’t have been more helpful.”

She went on to say, “As things progressed in ICCU, Nurse Jamie Wilkens worked hard all day to stay on top of what Larry needed. She not only kept him comfortable, but was very responsive to my needs as well – keeping me informed of what was going on. It was Nurse Jamie who was watching the monitor when Larry slipped away and came to tell me the news. Even though I was holding Larry’s hand, I didn’t realize he had passed away. Jamie was very professional and capable, yet so very kind and compassionate. I am thankful for the exceptional care she provided to Larry in his final hours.”

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Pictured are: Sarah Heikens, Brian Dieter, Susan Donaldson

Sarah Heikens Goes the Extra Mile

Larry Donaldson was a patient at Mary Greeley Medical Center for eight days before he passed away on January 16, 2018. His wife Susan recalls, “The day Larry died, I had taken my dogs to the groomer. When I returned to my car, it wouldn’t start. I called a cab and they said it would be about a half an hour wait. Soon after I hung up, I got a call from the hospital saying Larry was having an episode and that I should head back there as soon as possible. When I told the person on the phone that I just called a cab and that it would be at least 30 minutes, she said to stay put and she would come and get me. That angel was Sarah Heikens. She picked me up and took me to the hospital. Larry had gotten a little better by then, but passed away later that night."

"I still can’t believe that she put everything on hold to come and pick me up! Sarah definitely went above and beyond expectations to make sure I was there for my husband when he needed me. I will be forever grateful.”

Sarah Heikens serves as the Interim Director of Medical Telemetry at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

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