Mary Greeley Foundation Annual Report

2017 - 2018

When we decide to donate to an organization, we want to know our gifts are making an impact.

At Mary Greeley, your gifts do just that. Each department of the medical center has been impacted by our generous donors. We are so grateful to those who invest in our organization. You see a need and want to help fill it. You’ve been inspired by the care you or a loved one has received. You believe in what we do for the health and well-being of communities we serve.

As we step back and review our last fiscal year, we are humbled by the thousands of people who participated in our events, championed our causes throughout the communities we serve and contributed financially to make sure we continue to provide the best care possible.

The William R. Bliss Cancer Center and Hospice Care have been priorities for many years and will continue to receive our attention. What you may not know, is that Mary Greeley is leading the conversation about other community challenges, including Mental Health, Community Health and Wellness and how to retain the best workforce. These are big conversations and the solutions will require ongoing input and investment from our donors and friends.

We are looking forward to working with people like you, who influence and impact the future of healthcare in our community.

- Austin Woodin -
Foundation Board Chair

- Melissa McGarry -
Executive Director

George and Betty Burnet

Honoring a Beloved Wife & Nurse

George Burnet established a nursing scholarship fund in
honor of his late wife, Betty Riggs Burnet.

See how George is honoring Betty

Your Gifts in Actions teaser

Your Gifts in Action

Thanks to our wonderful donors and community partnerships we are able to impact our community in a variety of ways.

See your gifts in action

Israel Family Hospice House Exterior

Celebrating 20 Years of Dignity in End-of-life Care

So many stories have unfolded at Israel Family Hospice House over the last two decades.

As we take note of Israel Family Hospice House’s 20th anniversary, we think of these stories and how much this incredible facility has meant to so many families in the communities we serve.

Read the inspiring Hospice stories

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