Pediatric Rehabilitation

Childhood is typically filled with learning and growing at a speedy pace. But some kids have challenges, either from illness, injury, or a condition present at birth, that they need to overcome. Pediatric rehabilitation can help.

Pediatric Rehabilitation at Mary Greeley Medical Center

The pediatric rehabilitation team at Mary Greeley Medical Center takes a multi-disciplinary approach to helping kids with physical or developmental challenges. Our occupational, physical, and speech therapists have the knowledge and experience to evaluate children with various levels of abilities. Our staff can provide expert rehabilitative care for children with complex medical needs, brain injuries, stroke, orthopedic trauma, post concussive syndromes, neurological conditions, cerebral palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory integration disorders, feeding and nutrition disorders, spasticity management, and developmental delay.

Types of Pediatric Rehabilitation Therapy at Mary Greeley Medical Center

There are three main types of pediatric rehabilitation therapy, including:


Our physical therapy staff may address areas of gross motor delays such as sitting, crawling, walking, climbing, and running. Physical therapists focus on play and movement activities that are age appropriate and address the deficit areas. Our staff also has a warm water pool that works well for treating children with rheumatoid conditions. Our staff can also address sports related injuries and provide guidance for return to the chosen sport in a safe and appropriate manner.


Our occupational therapy staff can address issues of daily function, and fine motor skills, as well as sensory organization concerns. They are experienced in use of Interactive Metronome, as well as sensory organization. Play is a child’s primary occupation and therefore the occupational therapist uses therapeutic play to engage the child and family to reach the goals they have discussed and set for improving the child’s ability to eat, dress, bathe, participate in school activities, and play.


Speech-language therapists at Mary Greeley Medical Center are able to assist children and families with communication, speech articulation, and swallowing concerns.  Use of age appropriate games, feedback, and family education is important to the success of the child achieving their goals for speech therapy.

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