Patient Story: Tyus Mason

A West Des Moines high school football player gets back in the game faster with arthroscopic hip surgery

Tyus Mason

West Des Moines Valley High School
running back Tyus Mason will be back on the
football field in months, rather than years,
following arthroscopic hip surgery by
Dr. Warme at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

When football star Tyus Mason, a junior at West Des Moines Valley High School, began to experience stinging pain in his hip, he was worried that it might be bigger than simple stiffness or soreness.

“Tyus has never been real flexible, especially in his hips,” says Stacy Mason, his mother. “So, at first, we thought he just needed to get it stretched out. When it didn’t improve, we suspected it might be a bruise. But when he was in such pain he could barely move during basketball season, we decided it was time to get a second opinion.”

On advice from a friend, the Masons made an appointment with Dr. Bryan Warme. A CT scan revealed that Tyus had a hip impingement. As little as a decade ago, that injury would have required a complex surgery and as much as a year on the sideline. Today, however, young athletes can return to the playing field in as few as six months. Long-term benefits include decreased pain and improved mobility, which can prevent or delay the onset of arthritis and possibly prevent the need for hip replacement surgery. It is also less invasive and ideal for patients under the age of 40. “In the short-term, we can reduce pain and get athletes back on the field of play more quickly. Those are the benefits the young athletes appreciate most,” Warme says.

Tyus had the arthroscopic hip procedure done on January 30. During the procedure a few small incisions were made, one for the camera called an arthroscope, and the others for the tools that allow Dr. Warme to work on the bone lesions, tendons and cartilage in the hip joint. “Dr. Warme didn’t sugar coat things,” Stacy says. “He gave us all our options and we felt confident that he was the right physician to treat this.”

Tyus is now focused on returning at full strength for his senior season of football. “I am definitely going to be ready for football,” Tyus says. “Physically, I feel like I’m getting closer to 100 percent every day. Having the surgery when I had it was definitely the right decision, and Dr. Warme was the right physician.”

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