Patient Story: Josh Heitkamp

An Iowa State cross-country/track and field athlete is back to running after surgery by Dr. Warme.

Josh Heitkamp

Josh Heitkamp, a member of the
Iowa State cross country and
track and field teams, is back to light
running after being treated
for an injury by Dr. Warme.

At first, Josh Heitkamp was confident he could manage the sharp hip pain that troubled him throughout the Iowa State University cross country season in the autumn of 2012. But soon, even help from the training staff wasn’t enough.

A visit with Dr. Bryan Warme ended with a diagnosis of a labrum tear; Heitkamp had surgery in December 2012 and was back to light running by March of this year. Even so, “it was a shock to go from running 75 miles a week to being on crutches and not doing much of anything,” says Heitkamp. “You don’t really realize how much you use your hip until you lose it for awhile.”

Warme says there are a wealth of benefits in performing the arthroscopic surgery as opposed to the more traditional open surgery that requires a large incision, dislocation of the joint and more extensive damage to the muscles surrounding the hip. “But the long-term benefits are incredibly important,” he continues. “Left untreated, hip impingement can lead to hip arthritis. We are hopeful that we can either prevent, or at least delay, the onset and progression of arthritis in these patients.”

Heitkamp—who is a redshirt sophomore and competes in cross country in the fall, indoor distance events in the winter, and the steeplechase in the spring—continues to make progress. Although he had hoped to be back for the spring Big 12 Conference meet, he’s set his sights on bigger goals in order to avoid re-injury. “I want to be ready to go for my junior and senior seasons,” he says.

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