Patient Story: Danielle Sporrer

A Nevada high school athlete and cheerleader gets relief from pain with arthroscopic surgery.

Danielle Sporrer

Nevada High School student, athlete and
cheerleader Danielle Sporrer is back
to her active lifestyle following surgery
at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Danielle Sporrer didn’t have time for an injury. As a five-sport senior at Nevada High School, Sporrer’s days—and years—were filled with cross country, soccer, track, basketball and cheerleading. But there was that nagging pain that followed her from one season into the next. A visit with Dr. Bryan Warme confirmed a hip impingement.

The injury, which occurs when the ball of the femur doesn’t fit uniformly into the socket of the hip, is common in athletes, particularly young ones. “One of the theories why it’s common in athletes is that athletes who participate in sports at a very young age can place stress across the growing hip that leads to impingement later in life,” says Warme.

The first week after surgery is painful, but the hip improves rapidly after that, and patients are typically on crutches for only about two weeks after the surgery. “I do that so the muscles can respond to their new environment,” Warme says. “I think it allows the hip to calm down a little bit after surgery.”

Sporrer wasn’t thrilled about surgery, but she is looking forward to a pain-free spring. “I was kind of upset that it was going to be at the beginning of my senior year, but I was excited to get it done so I could run track this spring,” she says.

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