Vascular Care

Unless you’ve had blood drawn, you probably don’t think much about your veins, also called your vascular system. But veins are just as susceptible to illness and disease as other systems in your body. If you have vein issues, the phlebologists—or vein doctors—who practice at Mary Greeley Medical Center can help.

Evaluating the Vascular System at McFarland Vein Clinic

Vein treatment typically happens for three reasons: cosmetic, prevention, or symptom relief. The team at the McFarland Vein Clinic, which is associated with Mary Greeley Medical Center, can help diagnose and treat:

  • chronic venous disease
  • varicose veins and spider veins
  • leg symptoms such as swelling, restlessness, cramping and discomfort
  • painful thrombophlebitis
  • dark discoloration in the ankle areas

The skilled team at the McFarland Vein Clinic includes physicians, registered nurses, and registered phlebology sonographers. Together, they create tailored treatment plans for each patient to address vein conditions, including:

  • endovenous laser ablation
  • ambulatory phlebectomy
  • sclerotherapy
  • compression therapy

Treating Peripheral Arterial Disease

One of the more common vein diseases is peripheral arterial disease (PAD) or peripheral vascular disease. A narrowing or blockage of the arteries, PAD causes poor blood flow to arms and legs, which may lead to painful cramps during exercise as muscles and other tissues starve for oxygen. Advanced PAD may also cause the death of leg or foot tissue, which may lead to amputation. Tests that check blood flow and pressure can help diagnose PAD.

  • Causes of PAD: Plaque buildup on the inside of arteries is the most common cause of PAD. This often results from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoking. When you have PAD, you have a higher risk of a heart attack or stroke.
  • Treatment for PAD: Healthy lifestyle changes can help manage PAD, as can medicines to help with symptoms or other health problems. You may also be able to attend a cardiac rehabilitation program. Surgeries, including bypass or angioplasty, are also options.

Learn More About the Vein System and Peripheral Arterial Disease

One of the easiest ways to help combat the debilitating effects of Peripheral Arterial Disease? Exercise. Regular exercise can help with more than PAD, too—weight loss, lower blood pressure, and more.

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