Heart & Vascular Care

The heart is at once both delicate and strong, easy to break but resilient to a range of stresses.

Treating heart-related problems requires a range of expertise and services that you will find at Mary Greeley Medical Center. Our cardiac services team is led by board-certified cardiologists skilled in advance treatments for heart attacks.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Heart Conditions at Mary Greeley Medical Center

At Mary Greeley Heart, our highly trained and compassionate staff offer a continuum of care that includes interventional cardiology, diagnostic services, cardiac rehabilitation, and more.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Mary Greeley Heart is consistently in line with the 90-minute national average for door-to-balloon time, which refers to the period of time from when a patient enters the hospital to when they visit the Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath Lab) to receive life-saving heart vessel balloon angioplasty.

Medical Telemetry Units

These private room units on the fourth floor of the West Patient Tower provide specialized care for those patients who need continuous heart monitoring. They may have heart concerns or conditions such as pneumonia or renal failure, or be surgical patients who need heart monitoring. Patients in this unit are connected to telemetry equipment that monitors the activity of the heart. This advanced equipment uses special leads attached under the gown, allowing patients to move around the unit. They are monitored by nurses on the unit who are certified in basic electrocardiography and advanced cardiac life support.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Designed to restore optimal health to heart patients post-heart attack, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, is divided into three phases. They include:

  • Phase I – structured activity to restore basic strength and patient education
  • Phase II – follows a six-week monitored exercise program for outpatients focused on medication, diet and stress management
  • Phase III – supervised exercise program for outpatients who have completed Phase II

Cardiac Rehabilitation is located on the third floor of the North Addition at Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Learn More About Taking Care of Your Heart

Heart disease takes many forms, and can occur in all ages of patients. If you’re worried about your heart, it’s best to talk to your physician about steps to take and tests to perform. CardioScore is a noninvasive test to determine your risk of heart disease. Request an appointment by calling 515-239-2131.

Know your Risk


CardioScore is a noninvasive test to determine your risk of heart disease.

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