First Nurse Call Center

First Nurse Call Center

The Mary Greeley Medical Center First Nurse Call Center provides thoughtful health care advice, resources and referrals. It is a free, confidential health information service staffed by registered nurses.

Available 24 hours, First Nurse can be reached by calling:

  • Ames: 515-239-6877
  • Anywhere in Iowa: 800-524-6877

Please be prepared to give the name of your physician, the medications you are taking and any health problems you may have.

First Nurse does not replace 911. In a life-threatening emergency, always call 911.

What to Expect When You Call

A child with a fever, a spouse with a stomach ache, a parent with hearing problems: We’ve all had illnesses or healthcare questions that cause us to puzzle over whether to visit the emergency room, schedule an appointment with a family physician, or find an appropriate specialist. That’s when Mary Greeley Medical Center First Nurse Call Center can help.

After evaluation, you will be referred to the appropriate level of care. Please note that antibiotics and refill requests need to be filled by your physician's office during regular clinic hours.

First Nurse is a community service provided by Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Mary Greeley First Nurse Saves Family of Four


Tammie Zeiser, an overnight First Nurse at Mary Greeley Medical Center, received the call at 3 am. The call was from an Iowa Falls woman who was concerned because she and her three young children had all suddenly become ill.

Thanks to Tammie’s quick thinking, and realization that carbon monoxide poisoning was the likely cause of the family falling ill, paramedics were dispatched to the family’s home just in the nick of time.

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