Emergency Care

Ambulance & Mobile Intensive Care Services

The Mary Greeley Medical Center Mobile Intensive Care Services (MICS) was the state’s first paramedic ambulance service. While the foundation of ambulatory care hasn’t changed, modern day technology and advanced medical techniques have enhanced care in many ways.

Mary Greeley Medical Center Mobile Intensive Care Unit

MICS was Iowa’s first paramedic
ambulance service. This staff of
paramedics averages 80 calls a week,
or more than 4,000 calls a year!

Mary Greeley Medical Center Mobile Intensive Care Services (MICS)

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, MICS offers staff and services for a variety of medical needs and emergencies. On average, MICS paramedics receive 80 calls a week—that’s over 4,000 a year. They include:

  • 911 calls
  • Inter-facility emergency and critical care transfers
  • Routine scheduled transfers to other hospitals and healthcare organizations, including long-term care and assisted living
  • EMS coverage of mass events in community
  • In-hospital emergency response for cardiac arrests
  • Fire and other emergencies
  • Security and surveillance on hospital campus

Specialized training for certified MICS includes Paramedic Specialist Certification, aggressive behavior management, and hazardous materials operations. In addition, MICS staff works closely with First Responder units across central Iowa providing training and support.

EMS Resource Center


Mobile Intensive Care Services at Mary Greeley Medical Center is a training resource center for emergency medical service (EMS) agencies throughout Story County