Pre Registration and Insurance Matters

Pre-Registration & Insurance Matters

We recommend you contact your health insurance provider several weeks prior to your delivery date to review your benefits. It may be helpful to ask the following questions to help understand what is covered by your insurance.

  • What is my deductible?
  • What percentage does the insurance company pay after my deductible is met?
  • What is the maximum amount for which I’m responsible?

Here are some common insurance terms that may help you along the way:

Deductible—the amount paid each year by you before benefits kick in.

Co-insurance—the percentage you pay after your deductible is met until you reach your out of pocket maximum.

Co-pay—a set payment defined in your insurance policy and paid by you each time a medical service is accessed (i.e. doctor’s office visits)

Out of pocket maximum—the most you’ll have to pay “out of pocket” each fiscal year.


Pre-registration is necessary to ensure that we have all of your pertinent insurance and contact information. Please make sure you have your insurance cards handy.

Pre-Register for Your Birthways Baby Delivery

Have a MyChart account?

You can pre-register using your MyChart account. Please know, you will be prompted to log in to your account. Don't have an account? Sign up now.

MyChart Pre-Register for a Birthways Baby Delivery

Sometime after receiving your pre-admission form and before you deliver, our insurance team may verify your insurance and call you to discuss the hospital portion of your financial obligation. Remember that your doctor, anesthesiologists, and any other providers needed, will bill you separately.

If you do not have insurance and have concerns about costs, our Financial Counseling Office is available to assist you. In many cases, programs are available to help defray the costs that go along with having a baby. For more information on our financial assistance programs, please visit our Financial Assistance page.

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