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  • Grand Rounds: COVID-19 in Children - Mind the (Knowledge) Gap 2.0
  • Importance of Posture with Aging

    Discussion of the importance of posture and why it changes with age. Benefits of maintaining good posture and impact on fall reduction, walking quality and efficiency.

  • Charting the Course of Cardiac Diets

    After a review of the fads and trends of “heart healthy” diets over the years, this presentation will move you forward to the latest research-based nutrition advice.

  • Childbirth Education - Saturday (via WebEx)

    A virtual childbirth class for parents on the go. Topics include: labor, delivery, breathing/relaxation, medications, epidurals, and medical procedures.

  • Breastfeeding Class (via WebEx)

    Information about what to expect during the beginning days of breastfeeding will be discussed to help make breastfeeding a positive experience. Current information on breast feeding will be presented.

  • ChildBirth Education (via WebEx)

    Virtual childbirth education course to prepare parents for the birth of their baby. Topics include: labor, delivery, breathing and relaxation techniques, medications, epidurals, and medical procedures.

  • Baby Basics (virtual)

    A class for expecting or new parents which provides you with the latest in factual information and helpful hints for a joyful beginning with your baby.

  • Your Heart As You Age

    Join Dr. Christenson for a discussion on how your heart changes as you age and what you can do to maintain heart health as you age.

  • Osteoarthritis & Lower Extremity Joint Replacement

    An overview of different knee and hip joint replacement options including when, where and why of joint replacement, also including some practice advancements.

  • Impact of Aging and Exercise on Immunity

    This lecture will review the changes of immune response that occur with advancing age, and how these change may influence risk of infection and response to immunizations.

Page of 4, showing items 1-10 of 35.

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