To Save A Life

Learn how Mary Greeley Medical Center makes it easy and convenient to learn CPR.

Georgia Rains-Traviss is prepared to save your life. Rains-Traviss realized she needed some emergency response skills after her 81-year-old mother was admitted to the Intensive Coronary Care Unit (ICCU) at Mary Greeley Medical Center with congestive heart failure for the second time in less than a year.

"I was so scared of getting caught in an emergency situation and not knowing what to do," she says. "It could happen anywhere, at any time. My mom's blood pressure or oxygen levels could suddenly drop, and she wouldn't be able to tell us how she feels. I started to think to myself 'What am I doing for her?'"

While sitting in the surgery family waiting room of the hospital, Rains-Traviss was reading the Story County community newspaper when she saw that CPR training was offered through Mary Greeley Medical Center. She immediately got on the phone to sign up.

"The number I called connected me with Chris Perrin and I asked to talk to someone about the CPR class," says Rains-Traviss. "He said 'That's us," and I told him about the CPR information I'd just read. He told me he could bring me information while I was there at the hospital. I was really impressed!"

Chris Perrin, paramedic supervisor, Mobile Intensive Care Services (MICS), brought Rains-Traviss a CPR Anytime kit that afternoon, which she decided to buy. The kit came with a personal, inflatable CPR mannequin, CPR Anytime skills practice DVD, an American Heart Association CPR for Family and Friends booklet and accessories for the program. She was able to complete the training on her own time and at her own pace in the comfort of her home.

Pass It On

The CPR Anytime program is designed for those who do not require a work-related certification in CPR and want to know what to do if they encounter someone that may have had cardiac arrest. It was developed by the American Heart Association and Laerdal Medical. Mary Greeley Medical Center began to use the program in July 2010."

Almost 80 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home and are witnessed by a family member," says Chris Perrin, paramedic supervisor, Mobile Intensive Care Services. "Less than five percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims survive because the vast majority of those witnessing the arrest are people who do not know how to perform CPR."

Mary Greeley Medical Center wants others to be educated, prepared and confident. As part of the kick-off to convert to this new training program, an infant kit and an adult/child kit were provided to each community in Story County as part of the Barbara Finch Memorial Fund.

"The intent was to seed the community with kits in the hopes that users of the initial kits, provided at no cost, consider buying a kit and 'paying it forward' by making their purchased kit available to others in the community," says Perrin.

Easy Access

Rains-Traviss values the fact that she will always have this kit on hand. "A lot of times when you take a one-time class, you forget what you learned a couple of months later. Since you get to keep the kit you pay for, you can do it again and again. You can really learn what to do and not go into panic mode should you ever come across an emergency situation."

Rains-Traviss is confident she can give people the help they need in an emergency situation while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. She feels strongly that other people need to be prepared too, and even shared her kit with her 15-year-old neighbor believing it would be handy training for a babysitter to have.

The medical center continues to offer monthly classes for anyone who wants to walk through the program with an instructor, or has follow-up questions after taking a kit home. For more information about CPR Anytime, call 515-956-2875.