Support at the Starting Block

Shauna Soderstrum is only in her thirties, but she's already recovering from her second knee surgery. Her physician attributes her knee problems to a combination of factors, including off-center kneecaps and being overweight as a child.

Soderstrum's first knee surgery was a partial knee replacement five and a half years ago. She then had a full knee replacement on December 14, 2009. On December 17, just three days after her surgery, Soderstrum came to the Lifetime Fitness Center.

Soderstrum's surgery was done in West Des Moines, where she lives, but she chose to recover with family in Story City. Lifetime Fitness Center was the convenient choice for her rehabilitation. But it was the staff who made a long-lasting impression.

"It was icy, so they would help me get in the door," Shauna says. "They went above and beyond what was expected of them for someone who was visiting for a few weeks."

And the facilities were just what Soderstrum needed to start the recovery process. "The staff showed me the different machines that would be best for me to use," she says. "The equipment I used for rehabilitation at the hospital was available." Soderstrum also made use of the flexibility balls, the NuStep®, and the stationary bikes. Additionally, she walked on the track, using the railing for support.

Soderstrum realizes she has a long road to recovery ahead of her. "My doctor told me it's going to be like getting ready to run a marathon," she says. But with the help of Lifetime Fitness Center, she is off to an excellent start.