Industrious Kids Make Meaningful Gift

By selling toys and donating the proceeds, children make a difference in the lives of patients with cancer

The Knott’s children Liam, 8, and Kane, 6, joined forces with neighbors Emma, 8, and Greyson, 10.As her kids gathered up a bunch of their toys and set up a booth to sell them out in the front yard of their Ames home, Kathleen Knott assumed they were looking to flip them for some cash to buy new toys.

“My husband and I told them that we weren’t going to buy anymore toys. I think that was the initial catalyst for them hosting a sale,” Knott says with a chuckle. The Knott’s children Liam, 8, and Kane, 6, joined forces with neighbors Emma, 8, and Greyson, 10, to organize the sale. “After a couple hours out there, I noticed they had put the sign out.”

The sign read, “Please donate or buy. All profits go to cancer hospitals.”

“After seeing that, I asked the kids what it was all about,” Knott says. “They told me they decided to sell their toys and donate it all to support a cancer hospital.”

Their choice was to donate the funds to the William R. Bliss Cancer Center. Knott says they have a family member who is a breast cancer survivor and have other family members who have walked the cancer journey. She is confident that is where the kids’ motivation came from.

“They ended up raising around $34, so we decided we would add to their gift,” Knott says. “Keep in mind they were selling stuff for 50-cents or a dollar, so they worked pretty hard at this. We are very proud of them.”

In total the gift exceeded $100. While it may seem like a small amount, programs like the Dr. Joe Rhodes Compassion Fund regularly deliver critical aid for things like gas cards, food and more in small amounts. Those small gifts make a major difference in the lives of patients with cancer.

“For those facing cancer and the financial challenges it brings, something as simple as a gift card to pay for gas can be a huge stress reliever,” says Melissa McGarry, Mary Greeley Foundation Executive Director. “All gifts are special for us, but as the mom of an eight-year-old boy, it takes on a little extra meaning to receive this gift from these young donors.”

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