Revitalized Emergency Department

Marilyn Polito, RN, BSN

"As a longtime employee at Mary Greeley, I have
seen the Emergency Department grow
exponentially. Our community's needs are changing,
and we must grow with the times to meet those
needs. No one knows when they are going to need
these services.

This vision is critical to providing the best
emergency care to those in need."

- Marilyn Polito, RN, BSN

The Emergency Department at Mary Greeley Medical Center was built to accommodate 20,000 patients, yet nearly 25,000 patients rely on our facilities each year.

Time is of the essence when an emergency occurs – reduced wait time has real consequences. For instance, when patients come in with chest pains, our staff has five minutes to complete an electrocardiogram. The current facility has space to do only one at a time.

Expanding the Emergency Department will allow physicians and staff to more efficiently and effectively diagnose and treat patients.

This vision for the Emergency Department also includes construction of a drive-through ambulance garage. Currently, some community ambulances are unable to back into our ambulance bays because our garage is too small. The new garage will improve accessibility and response time.

A revitalized emergency department is part of our extraordinary vision for Mary Greeley Medical Center.