An Enhanced Healing Environment

Peggy and Jeff Johnson

"We came to know firsthand how blessed our
community and student body is to have
Mary Greeley during Jeff's recent need for services.
Everyone we interacted with was top-notch in all
areas of care, hospitality, service, professionalism
and follow-up. Mary Greeley was there when we
needed it. Now it's our turn.

We support this vision and believe this is our
opportunity to give back."

- Peggy and Jeff Johnson

By expanding and remodeling Mary Greeley Medical Center, we will greatly enhance our overall healing environment. Our improved facilities and additional amenities will benefit patients, visitors, physicians and staff alike.

Features of our improved facilities:

New, more generously sized patient rooms will feature dedicated zones for medical care, patient living, and family and visitor support. The creation of these distinct areas will help decrease patient anxiety, while increasing safety and comfort. Larger patient rooms will also accommodate new technology as advancements in healthcare are made.

Our oncology unit will feature at least one family suite with additional amenities to provide for patients and their loved ones during extended stays. This floor will also provide the flexibility to meet future needs.

A new rooftop garden will provide accessibility to the calming and rejuvenating effects of being in nature and will create a much-needed outdoor healing environment for patients, visitors and staff. Other outdoor areas will also be created, including roofscapes and gardens

  • Birdseye View
  • New Main Entrance
  • New Main Entrance Looking East
  • MGMC Main Entrance Interior, looking southwest
  • MGMC Main Entrance Interior, looking east
  • New Patient Room
  • Patient Tower View from the West
  • Patient Tower View from the East
  • Mock Patient Room During Campaign Kick-off Event
  • Mock Patient Room During Campaign Kick-off Event
  • Mock Patient Room During Campaign Kick-off Event
  • Distinct patient, visitor and staff areas
  • Sofa sleeper for overnight guests
  • Larger restrooms offer additional safety features

Ready for the Future

This will be the first inpatient addition project at Mary Greeley Medical Center since 1994, when the west wing was added. It is also the first major addition project since 2000, when the medical center's north addition was built. It houses the William R. Bliss Cancer Center, the Diabetes and Nutrition Education Center, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation and Bessie Myers Auditorium.

Mary Greeley Medical Center has continued to grow not only in patient numbers, but also the services it offers.

In 2004, the medical center had 9,279 inpatient admissions. In 2009, that number grew to 9,748. By 2014, it is projected to reach 10,300.

There were 21,217 emergency room visits in 2004 and 24,585 in 2009. Emergency room visits are projected to climb over 27,000 by 2014. "In 2010, we treated patients from more than 100 Iowa communities, most of them from central Iowa, which says a lot about our vision to be the medical center of choice in this region," says Dieter. "We definitely are caring for more people, but we also have more skills and technology to serve them. We now need to make sure our facility grows along with this demand."

Outpatient visits in 2004 totaled 123,940. In 2009, they had reached 139,990, and by 2014 they are expected to exceed 150,000.