Extraordinary Visions Building Campaign at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Extraordinary Visions Building Project

Thank you for your support!

Mary Greeley Medical Center announced the successful completion of its Extraordinary Visions Campaign. To date, $6,042,673 has been raised in support of its new building project, exceeding the $6 million goal.

“We are extremely grateful to the more than 1,200 individuals and businesses who share our ‘Extraordinary Vision’ for healthcare in central Iowa,” said Brian Dieter, President and CEO of Mary Greeley Medical Center. “The success of this campaign is a testament to the generosity of our communities and will have a tremendous impact for generations to come.”

We have a created a special video to show our appreciation - we hope you enjoy it!

Captain Wallace and Mary Greeley

"It affords me great pleasure, more than
words can express, that I can contribute
something toward the welfare of not only
those in need now, but also for those who
will be here long after we have passed."

- Captain Wallace Greeley, speaking at
the 1916 dedication of the hospital
named in honor of his wife, Mary

Our Extraordinary Vision

Nearly 100 years ago, Captain Wallace Greeley had a vision – a vision for exceptional care for those in Story County and beyond.

Seventy-five years later, hospital leadership – along with Dr. Bliss – shared a vision for a comprehensive cancer center in central Iowa.

And in the mid-1990s, the Israel family and others had a vision to provide hospice care – a place where our loved ones could spend their last days with dignity and in peace.

Today, we have our own extraordinary vision – a vision that will transform our facilities to meet the needs of our patients, visitors, physicians and staff now and well into the future.

This $129 million project is by far the largest initiative ever undertaken by the hospital and will help us to provide the healing environment everyone who comes through our doors deserves.

Please thoughtfully consider how you can help us make this extraordinary vision a reality.