Emergency Management

This is the Emergency Management site for Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames, Iowa.  This site is for web-enabled communications during emergency events.  During an actual incident the disaster action plan or important directives will appear on this page. 

Although this site is for the Medical Center's emergency response participants, public informational links are available on the left of this page.

 For information only: Inclement Weather Emergency Staffing Plan

Medical Volunteers

Public Health Needs You!

Mary Greeley Medical Center, Story County’s Public Health Agency, in coordination with RSVP is recruiting medical volunteers for pandemic and/or mass fatality situations. Medical personnel will be needed to help provide triage, screening, health assessments and administration of antibiotics or vaccine.  With your volunteer assistance, preventative medical treatment will be provided for your family, friends, and neighborhoods in the most efficient manner possible during a public health emergency.

Please download the Volunteer Registration Form and e-mail to zook@mgmc.com or return to the HOMEWARD office.

Weather Updates

National Bureaus

National Weather Service
NOAA Weather Watch 

Local Weather

NOAA - Ames, Iowa
Accuweather - Ames, Iowa
ABC WOI TV 5, Ames/Des Moines
NBC WHO TV 13, Des Moines
CBS KCCI TV 8, Des Moines 

Traffic Reports

There are no adverse traffic conditions related to a crisis or emergency at this time.

State Traffic Resources

Iowa DOT

Local Traffic Resources

City of Ames, Iowa 
The Ames Tribune Newspaper
ABC WOI TV 5, Des Moines
NBC WHO TV13, Des Moines
CBS KCCI TV 8, Des Moines