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EMS Conference

Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2014
Bessie Myers Auditorium
Ames, IA

A multi-topic conference for EMS providers.

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Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis. Your registration will only be confirmed after both registration and payment have been received. If we are unable to accommodate your registration request, we will contact you and ask if you would like to be placed on a waiting list.

Applications must be returned with your check, department purchase order or money order to:

Mobile Intensive Care Services, Update 2014 Committee
Mary Greeley Medical Center, 1111 Duff Avenue, Ames, Iowa 50010

Fees & Payment

- Friday $30 (up to 4.5 CEHs)
- Saturday $75 (up to 10 CEHs)
- Sunday $30 (4 CEHs)
- Friday-Saturday $100 (14.5 CEHs)
- Friday-Saturday-Sunday $125 (18.5 CEHs)


Friday, February 28, 2014

Registration begins at 16:00 in Bessie Myers Foyer

17:30-17:40 Welcome, overview, instructions and introductions (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

17:40-18:30 Nothing to Sneeze at: Infection Prevention - an Update (1.0 CEH) Leann Hillier (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

18:35-19:25 Concussion Discussion: sports injuries (1.0 CEH) Kern Kemp (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

19:45-20:35 Zero in on Neuro in Medical Cases (1.0 CEH) Sharon Ellrich (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

20:40-21:55 Medical Mayhem: Miscellaneous Mysterious Medical Maladies You May See (1.5 CEH) Kern Kemp (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

21:55-22:00 Wrap-up & Announcements - up to 4.5 CEHs for this evening

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Registration begins at 06:45 in Bessie Myers Foyer

07:10-08:00 EMS Update (1.0 CEH) (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

08:00-08:10 Official Welcome, Introductions

08:10-09:00 We’re going to be doing WHAT? (1.0 CEH) Jeff Messerole (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

09:05-9:55 I Want My Mama-Pediatric Trauma (1.0 CEH) Jeff Messerole (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

09:55-10:20 Break-visit our vendors

10:20-11:10 Been there-Scene That (1.0 CEH) Amy Fritz (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

11:15-12:05 Heads or Tales-Managing Head Injuries (1.0 CEH) Jeff Messerole (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

12:05-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:50 MENDing our way: the New Stroke Assessment (1.0 CEH) Terri Hamm (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

13:55-15:10 Situational Awareness-Violence in EMS (1.5 CEH) Jim Graham(Bessie Myers Auditorium)

15:10-15:35 Break-visit our vendors

15:35-16:25 Medical Assessment Measurements—the 10-Ps, Basically Speaking (1.0 CEH) Dave Schultz (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

16:20-17:35 Learning to Do Better Next Time (1.5 CEH) Jim Graham (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

Wrap up; collect paperwork; up to 10 EMS CEHs available this day

Saturday, March 2, 2014

Registration begins at 07:45 in Bessie Myers Foyer

08:25-08:30 Welcome, overview, instructions and introductions (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

08:30-09:20 Takeoffs and Landings in Patient Assessment (1.0 CEH) Dave Schultz (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

09:25-10:15 Community Mental Health Response (1.0 CEH) Jerry Spencer (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

10:20-11:10 It’s all in Your Head? Mental Illness Case Reviews (1.0 CEH)Christie Krause (Bessie Myers Auditorium)

11:15-12:05 AVADE-Responding to Violence (1.0 CEH) Steve Pietsch(Bessie Myers Auditorium)

12:05-12:15 Completion of paperwork - up to 4.0 CEHs (Bessie Myers Auditorium Foyer)


  • Guest Lecturers


Beth Frandsen at send an email

Schedule & Location


This event includes all of the 3 meeting times below.
Date Time Location Instructor
1. Fri, February 28 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM Bessie Myers Auditorium Guest Lecturers
2. Sat, March 01 7:10 AM to 5:30 PM Bessie Myers Auditorium Guest Lecturers
3. Sun, March 02 8:25 AM to 12:15 PM Bessie Myers Auditorium Guest Lecturers

Location Details

  • Bessie Myers Auditorium
    1111 Duff Avenue
    Ames, IA 50010

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