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The PRIDE award is used to recognize a personal commitment toward an attitude which separates "very good" from mediocrity. Such an attitude is indicative of the Mary Greeley Medical Center mission statement and PRIDE values:

  • People-Oriented (empathetic, helpful, kind, friendly, cooperative)
  • Respectful (considerate, treats others with dignity, non-judgmental, maintains and enhances self-esteem, understanding, and confidentiality)
  • Innovative (creative, encourages new ideas and participation, visionary, open minded)
  • Dedicated (committed, caring, responsible, accountable, loyal, supportive)
  • Effective (competent, timely, purposeful, efficient, goal-oriented, cost-conscious, quality-focused)

PRIDE Award Nomination

Pride Award Winners  Tara Webber, Pediatrics, Melanie Vorsten, Lab,; Courtney Mitra, Lab; and Julee Pederson,Patient AccessTara Webber, Pediatrics (pictured); Melanie Vorsten, Lab (pictured); Courtney Mitra, Lab (pictured); and Julee Pederson, Patient Access

Nominated by the patient's sister

An excerpt from the nomination reads, “This wonderful group of amazing people are the perfect example of PRIDE at Mary Greeley. My younger sister has Down’s syndrome and requires bloodwork to be done every few months, which has always been a not-so-good experience for my family. We were told a few months ago that ChildServe in Des Moines would no longer be taking outpatients for blood draws. We were panicking trying to find somewhere that would accommodate for her special needs and try their very best to make it a pleasant experience.

I reached out to Melanie and asked if there was anything we could do here at Mary Greeley and she blew me away with how willing and dedicated she was to make something work. She helped coordinate with Tara to get my sister a room so she would be more comfortable and ensured that everything would be ready and set up when we arrived to limit the wait time and anxiety beforehand. Julee called a week in advance to go over the process and made sure that I was well informed of how everything would go so that we were all on the same page and comfortable, including telling me that Courtney, would be doing the draw so that I could use names to hype up the upcoming visit.

The day of the lab draw, not even the smallest thing went out of place. Everyone made my sister, myself and my parents so comfortable and calm with their kind, compassionate demeanor. They were innovative in creating a personalized set up that would work best for my sister, effective in completing the lab draw on the first try, dedicated to ensuring the best experience possible for all parties involved (including us nervous adults), respectful of her special needs, and people oriented in every interaction with every single one of us. This is the only place we will come for lab draws from now on because you can’t find a better Dream Team than right here at Mary Greeley!

Thanks Tara, Melanie, Courtney and Julee, for Doing What's Right

Pride Award Winner Julie TarbillJulie Tarbill, BSN, RN, Behavioral Health

Nominated by Amy Lenig, BSN, RN and Nikki Dempsey, Substance Abuse Counselor - Behavioral Health

Julie worked the day of the Iowa/Iowa State football game and went above and beyond to create a fun day for all the patients and staff on the floor. She brought in Hawkeye and Cyclone t-shirts for all the patients and staff to choose from, as well as snacks and fun sticker tattoos to apply.

The unit showed a house divided between Hawks and Cyclones and everyone was excited to watch the game. Despite all the rain delays, the patients and staff were all in good cheer and enjoyed their day thanks to the extra efforts and thoughtfulness of Julie."

Thanks Julie, for Doing What's Right

Pride Award Winner Katherine WernerKatherine Werner, Chaplain 

Nominated by Evonne Fitzgerald

Katherine's nomination reads, "Hospice had a patient at IFHH who had a dog that was very special to them and their one wish was to see and hold their dog one more time before they died. The patient’s illness prevented them from keeping the dog’s vaccinations up-to-date which is required of all pets visiting IFHH. Katherine Werner made many phone calls and was able to line up a vet who would provide the vaccinations and the dog was able to visit that night. Needless to say the patient was grateful and could not express their gratitude enough having resigned themselves they would never see their dog again."

Thanks Katherine, for Doing What's Right

Pride Award Winner Steve LancasterSteve Lancaster, ES

Nominated by Cathy Wright, Alicia Krehbiel and Karen Kiel Rosser

Steve’s nomination reads, “Steve Lancaster has been a Mary Greeley team member for just over 90 days was recognized, by a patient and family as follows: We have had our mother in the Hospice House for over a month now, and we wanted to thank a particular member of the staff, Steve, our custodial angel. He has been cleaning our room most days and has become very special to our family and in particular, to our mother. With his gentle voice and quiet work ethic, he always had a special few words with our mother when he would come and go. She always got a kick out of it and even when she became nonverbal, she would respond to his voice and touch. He called on his days off to ask after our mom and today, stopped by before cleaning the other rooms just to make sure he could see her before he started work. He is kind, compassionate and a diligent worker. Thank you for hiring him; thank you for having him work in hospice. This place draws special people with a special calling. Steve is certainly one of them.”

Thanks Steve, for Doing What's Right

Pride Award Winner Melissa HallMelissa Hall, Behavioral Health

Nominated by Chris Mayfield, Behavioral Health

Melissa’s nomination reads, “On June 29, Melissa brought in supplies for all patients and all staff on Behavioral Health to make tie-dye t-shirts. The next day all staff and patients wore their shirts. The patients LOVED this and said it made them feel ‘normal.”

Thanks Melissa, for Doing What's Right

Pride Award Winner Beth WeiserBeth Weiser, Patient Access

Nominated by Carol Pearson, Patient Access,

Beth’s nomination reads, “Beth recently spearheaded a wonderful project at MGMC, the new Little Free Libraries that are starting to pop up throughout the hospital. One is now ‘open’ in ACS, along with a larger, free library in the West Entrance/Discharge waiting area. Three more Little Free Libraries will appear soon on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floors of the New Tower. Beth collects the books from employee donations, and stocks them for our patients and families to enjoy. She has ALWAYS been a people-oriented, dedicated employee of MGMC for the last 30 years, and this is just another example of her many innovative ideas.”

Pride Award Winner Julee PedersonJulee Pederson, Patient Access

Nominated by Laura Swanson, Patient Access

Julee’s nomination reads, “A walk-in wellness patient in the lab was slightly confused. Julee helped her with her labs, but also helped her make a doctor’s appointment with her physician at McFarland. As Julee was leaving work, the patient was lost downstairs and Julee helped her get to her doctor’s appointment as well.”

Pride Award Winner Cora CaligiuriCora Caligiuri, Rehab & Wellness

Nominated by Kara Peterson, Rehab & Wellness.

Cora’s nomination reads, “Last month there was a patient in Outpatient Rehab & Wellness that was not well. Cora identified that she needed assistance and asked her what she could do to help. The patient asked to go to the Emergency Department, so Cora went and found a wheelchair and took the patient to the Emergency Department. She is always helpful to patients and employees and goes above and beyond.”

Pride Award Winner Jamie WargJamie Warg, Wound Clinic

Nominated by Dana Linczer, 3A.

Dana’s nomination reads, “A patient recently had a very long and lengthy procedure that had multiple complications and resulted in the patient needing a wound vac.

The patient was very depressed and all she wanted was to be at home. The only thing keeping her in the hospital this day was her wound vac.

Jamie came in on her way home from church on her day off to get the patient her home wound vac and educate her. She also contacted the patient’s surgeon to set up a follow-up appointment and went over everything with the patient.”

Pride Award Winner Hailey HaugeHailey Hauge, ICCU

Nominated by Danielle Ruben, ICCU.

Hailey's nomination reads, “We had a patient who was transitioning to comfort care and was very concerned about what would happen to her dog after she passed. Her daughter was unable to take the dog, and he would likely end up at the animal rescue.

After speaking extensively with the daughter and patient, Hailey offered to, and ultimately did, adopt the patient’s dog.

The family and patient were so grateful and thankful that they knew he would be in good hands. This went above and beyond to ensure a patient had one less thing to worry about in an already difficult situation.”

Pride Award Winner Jody CalvertJody Calvert, Case Management

Nominated by Bonnie Castro, ACS & Samantha Walker, Case Management

Bonnie’s nomination reads, “Jody was helping with transportation needs for a patient after surgery. The patient was a single parent that didn’t have family close and had recently moved to the area. She helped to arrange the transportation and then paid out of her own pocket for pizza to be delivered to her house for her and her children when she arrived home.”

Samantha shared, “Over and over again Jody does things for her patients that go above and
beyond her call of duty. Recently, a patient’s spouse needed placement because our patient was no longer able to care for the spouse. Not only did Jody help facilitate the placement, but she did it for someone who wasn’t actually our patient. She never expects recognition for her repeated acts of generosity and thoughtfulness.”

Pride Award Winner Jessica HoweJessica Howe, Patient Access Services

Nominated by Kris Coady, Patient Access Services

“Jessica was working ER registration when a woman presented needing to be seen immediately. She was concerned because it was very cold and her three children and dog were waiting in the car until her mother could arrive.

In order to put the patient at ease, Jess offered to go out and stand in the cold with the kids and dog until they were safely handed off to their grandmother. The patient was very grateful.”

Pride Award Winner Bob CampbellBob Campbell, Guest Services

Nominated by Crystal Schiermeister, 5A & Cathy Wright, Guest Services

“Bob is known for his big bear hugs and ability to make people laugh. Recently, one of our Oncology patients was ‘down in the dumps.’. Her PCT thought Bob could lift her spirits. He went in, asked if he could give her a hug, and then sat and talked with her for awhile.

After spending some time with the patient, Bob then went down to the gift shop and bought her a card, coloring book and crayons. The patient was very thankful for the gift. A short time later, the PCT reported the patient was in much better spirits and was coloring in the new coloring book she received from him.”

PRIDE Award Winner Latisha Lowe, Diabetes & Nutrition EducationLatisha Lowe, Diabetes & Nutrition Education

Nominated by Anna Walker & Thyra Cox

Latisha plays a critical role in our department and recently she did three things, all in the
same day, that aligned with our PRIDE values.

  • She noticed a patient looked strange in the lobby and stopped to talk to her. The patient told her that her blood sugar was low and she had forgotten her Dexcom reader in the car. Latisha ran out to the patient’s car and got the Dexcom so the patient could check her blood glucose. It was indeed low, so Latisha got an educator who then took care of the patient.
  • Latisha got a phone call at the desk that one of our patients in a wheelchair was down in the lobby but had no one to transport her to the department so she went and got the patient.
  • One of our educators ran to get juice for a patient and knocked a glass off the counter. They had to quickly return to the patient so Latisha went in and cleaned up the mess. Nobody expected or asked her to do that.

She went above and beyond and we are so thankful for all she does.

Thank you, Latisha, for ‘Doing what’s right!'

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