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The PRIDE award is used to recognize a commitment toward an attitude which separates "very good" from mediocrity. Such an attitude is indicative of the Mary Greeley Medical Center mission statement and PRIDE values:

  • People-Oriented (empathetic, helpful, kind, friendly, cooperative)
  • Respectful (considerate, treats others with dignity, non-judgmental, maintains and enhances self-esteem, understanding, and confidentiality)
  • Innovative (creative, encourages new ideas and participation, visionary, open minded)
  • Dedicated (committed, caring, responsible, accountable, loyal, supportive)
  • Effective (competent, timely, purposeful, efficient, goal-oriented, cost-conscious, quality-focused)

PRIDE Award Nomination

Lindsey Wandling, RN, Oncology

Nominated by a patient and their family

The nomination reads, “Lindsey is an AAA+ nurse. She was very busy with infusion patients and had time, empathy, and a good attitude for us. She encouraged us, telling us that my partner’s port clog would respond to her treatments. The process took three hours of her time and patience. She offered to order lunch for us and to top it all off – she responded to an ACT Team call and came back calm and centered. I have great respect for Lindsey’s professionalism, as well as her calm and effective management of situations. She is better than ‘good.’"

Congratulations to Lindsey - and thank you for doing what’s right!

Joe Carswell, Facilities

The nomination reads, "We had a patient that could not bear weight on their legs or right hand/wrist which made it near impossible for them to complete her usual slide board transfers. Joe was willing to help our team create a device that would allow them to bear weight through their right elbow. Not only was he willing to listen to our crazy idea, without hesitation, he jumped in, improved our original design, AND had it ready in a few hours. Joe went above and beyond to help us help this patient and allowed us to find a faster path to increased independence for this patient.  THANK YOU ­­­­­Joe!"

Congratulations to Joe - and thank you for doing what’s right!

Dana Kline, RN, Oncology

Nominated by Trent Muhlenburg, RN

The nomination reads, “Dana was caring for a very familiar patient with AML recently and the patient shared that her husband couldn’t drive home because they didn’t have enough gas money to make it there and back. The patient also told Dana that her husband was laid off until April and that money was so tight that they couldn’t buy each other Christmas gifts. Dana then organized a free-will donation fundraiser amongst the staff.    

The patient wrote a thank you letter. In it she stated,” … I was sitting in the chair defeated and sad, there was a knock at the door. It was a delivery – a box addressed to my husband and I. In it I found these awesome t-shirts and a tote bag. I was so excited but didn’t know who it was from. Then I found the card – the gift in the card was above and beyond what we ever expected. It will allow us to finally ‘breathe’. We had been financially defeated by my illness and are so grateful for the gifts and support we have received. I knew you all were amazing, and I will never be able to thank you for all that you have done for us, but this took it to the next level.”  

Dana took it upon herself to rally the staff around this patient in need and most certainly gave her a holiday season to remember.

Congratulations to Dana - and thank you for doing what’s right!

Mary Texeira, PCT, Oncology

Nominated by Lynda Vaughn, RN

The nomination reads, “Mary didn’t do just one thing; she does many things every day that make her more than worthy of a PRIDE award. She always has the best attitude about coming to work and taking care of patients. She does above and beyond daily. She bought nail polish and a nail kit so that she could paint our patient’s nails, she baked goodies for everyone on our floor and made festive badge clips so that we had a little more holiday spirit. 

We recently had a patient with a new diagnosis of cancer, and it was the patient’s birthday. Mary went out of her way to make the patient a sweatshirt with her ribbon color on it and made her cupcakes because the patient had mentioned she loved strawberry cake. The patient was in tears because it meant so much to her. I love it when Mary is the tech for my rooms because I know she is always on top of their needs.” 

Congratulations to Mary - and thank you for doing what’s right!

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