Employees at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Employee Recognition

Mary Greeley staff provide outstanding service to patients and visitors every day. Our staff also provide excellent support for each other. These qualities help define the people-centered focus of Mary Greeley. We have a number of programs in place to recognize our extraordinary people.

Innovation & Excellence Awards

Innovation & Excellence Award LogoEach year, Mary Greeley employees nominate their colleagues for the Innovation & Excellence Awards in the areas of medical practice, leadership, nursing practice and service delivery. The recipients of these honors make significant contributions to the patient and visitor experience at Mary Greeley.

Innovation & Excellence Winners

PRIDE Award LogoPRIDE Award

Our monthly PRIDE awards recognize Mary Greeley employees who go above and beyond in their service to patients and visitors. Such an attitude is indicative of the Mary Greeley Medical Center mission statement and PRIDE values:

  • People-Oriented (empathetic, helpful, kind, friendly, cooperative)
  • Respectful (considerate, treats others with dignity, non-judgmental, maintains and enhances self-esteem, understanding, and confidentiality)
  • Innovative (creative, encourages new ideas and participation, visionary, open minded)
  • Dedicated (committed, caring, responsible, accountable, loyal, supportive)
  • Effective (competent, timely, purposeful, efficient, goal-oriented, cost-conscious, quality-focused)

PRIDE Award Winners

High Five IconHigh Five Program

The High Five program provides a way for Mary Greeley employees to recognize the colleagues for doing small but helpful acts that might otherwise go unnoticed. Any employee can grab a High Five card and fill it out for another employee. It’s an extra way to say “Thanks.”

R.E.A.P. – Rewards for Employee Achievement Program

REAP - Rewards for Employee Achievement Program LogoMary Greeley encourages personal and professional development of all staff. R.E.A.P recognizes and offers incentive to staff who seek a higher level of professional and personal development in his/her position, above and beyond the expectations of their job and position requirements, and that contributes to the ongoing success of the hospital. Management is excluded from participating in this program.

R.E.A.P. is based on a predetermined set of achievement activities. Each achievement has a specific point value associated with it, and points are accumulated and tallied at the end of each fiscal year. Based on the number of points, employees are eligible for various levels of cash incentives.

Grateful Patient & Family Program

Honor caregivers by making a gift in honor of a Mary Greeley employee, physician or volunteer who went beyond your expectations.

Each staff member, physician and volunteer honored by a grateful patient of family members will receive:

  • Recognition at a special “Beyond Expectations” ceremony
  • A lapel pin to wear proudly
  • Your personal note recognizing their great care

Grateful Patient Honorees

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