Collage of nurses with masks

2022 Nurses Week (May 6 - 12)

Below is a list of Nurses/Tech Week activities. A huge thank you to all of our nurses and techs for all they do!

Friday, May 6: Clowns & Crazy Socks

Kick off Nurses Week with crazy socks and juggling clowns!

Saturday, May 7 & Monday, May 9: Self-Care Carts

Carts will travel to the units and will have scalp/back massagers, chocolate, lotion, stress balls and more. Take what you need!

Tuesday, May 10: Root Beer Floats

Enjoy a root beer float on the units Tuesday afternoon or during the overnight shift.

Wednesday, May 11: Food Trucks & Scrubs

Shop the Long Term Medical Supply (LTMS) Runway Scrubs trailer  (10am-3pm) and then refuel with food from a local truck (schedule and trucks TBD).

Thursday, May 12: Florence Nightingale's Birthday

Celebrate the Lady with the Lamp's birthday with free cake in the cafeteria.

Blessing of the Hands

The department schedule is as follows:

Thursday, May 5 Friday, May 6 Sunday, May 8 Tuesday, May 10 Wednesday, May 11
0635: OR 0700: ACS 1200: Inpatient Units & ED 0715: ED 0730: Hospice House
0745: Wound Clinic 0800: First Friday 1100: Inpatient Units & ED 1530: Hospice House
0800: Pain Clinic 1030: ACS Monday, May 9 1700: Inpatient Units
0830: Home Health (North AB) 1100: Diabetes Ed/Cardiac Rehab 0800: GI Services 2400: Inpatient Units & ED
0900: Quality/Case Management 1130: Cath Lab
1300: Radiology/Rad Onc
1330: HR
1400: PACU