Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

​(last updated August 12, 2020 - 4:10pm)


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Mary Greeley Medical Center has taken a number of steps in response to growing concerns about novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you have specific questions about COVID-19, both the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have put out comprehensive information regarding symptoms, treatment, cases in the U.S. and much more.

COVID-19 Update

An update regarding COVID-19 is being supplied for Mary Greeley employees. The update includes the number of confirmed cases, procedural changes affecting MGMC staff and happenings within the state as a whole. Please take the time to read this and stay informed.

COVID-19 Update [PDF]




Only the following exceptions will be allowed:

  • One support person for laboring mom
  • Parents of NICU patients
  • Two parents/guardians of patient under the age of 18
  • Patients who are at the end-of-life (2 visitors), have altered mental status (1 visitor), or developmental delays (1 visitor)
  • Patients with mobility concerns who have appointments in outpatient units (1 visitor)
Visitors & Staff will be screened at entrances.

Visitors allowed under these exceptions must wear a mask at all times, practice good hand hygiene, and follow all appropriate personal protective equipment protocols.

COVID-19 Q & A

We know that many of you may have questions regarding COVID-19. Some of those questions may pertain to the medical center as a whole, and some may be specific to you and your family.

Answers to your questions can be found on the COVID-19 Q & A page.

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7/9/20 Webinar: COVID-19 Update & Employee Health

Visitor & Staff Screening

We are currently screening staff and visitors as they enter the hospital’s facilities.

On March 21st, the Governor and the Iowa Department of Public Health revised public isolation recommendations for essential personnel (hospital & clinic employees) who have traveled outside of Iowa within the past 14 days.

UPDATE: May 26, 2020

Staff will be asked screening questions (subject to change) at entrances. Based on response to screening questions, employee may be asked to return home and contact their provider, supervisor and Employee Health. Employees who return from travel are asked to self-isolate and monitor symptoms for 14 days.

Asymptomatic employees who have been exposed to a COVID-19 individual:

  1. Can report to work.
  2. Notify Employee Health by email or phone 515-239-2639 that they meet the criteria above.
  3. If at any time, the employee develops symptoms, do not report to work and contact your supervisor, provider and Employee Health.
  4. Complete the symptom monitoring log for 14 days from the date of return from travel.
  5. Turn completed logs into employee health.

Please be aware that all doors to the main campus will be locked and badge-access will be temporarily suspended on all doors except:

  • Emergency Department (Open 24/7)
  • Main Lobby Entrance (6am-8pm)
  • North Addition/Bliss Entrance (Open 7am – 6pm, M-F)
  • McFarland/MGMC Tunnel (Open 6am – 6pm, M-F)
  • Loading Dock (Open 5am-7pm, M-F)

The skywalk entrance to the medical center will be closed.

The screenings are intended to ensure the safety of patients, visitors and staff.

The screenings will be conducted by trained staff at all open access points to medical center.

Staff and visitors will have their temperatures taken and will be asked to answer questions about their current health status, recent travel, and any possibilities that they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Staff and visitors who are screened and who have symptoms will be provided Centers for Disease Control (CDC) instructions regarding next steps. These include recommendations to return home and contact primary care physicians. Depending on answers to all the questions, some staff may have to report to work while wearing a mask.

Staff should plan to get to work a little earlier to ensure they can get through screening and clock-in on time.

We know this will be an inconvenience for staff. Everyone is doing great work during this complicated time, and we appreciate your patience, understanding and commitment to safety.

Employee Return to Work Procedure

Mary Greeley Medical Center's Return to Work Procedures

Universal Face Shields


  • Eye protection will be required for patient encounters with anticipated exposure of >15 minutes within 6 feet.
  • All staff will be issued eye protection/face shields.
  • Wearing eye protection when not in close proximity (6ft) for longer than 15 minutes will be optional.


  • Cases of asymptomatic COVID-19 in Story County have increased.
  • In areas with moderate to substantial community transmission, CDC recommends all healthcare workers wear eye protection in addition to their facemask to ensure the eyes, nose, and mouth are all protected from splashes and sprays of infectious material from others.
  • Per a systematic review article published in Lancet, eye protection may reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission by 78%.


  • Tuesday/Wednesday this week: Departments - count the numbers of face shields needed for your area and send the number to supply chain by Wednesday
  • Wednesday/Thursday: Department leadership should pick up shields from supply chain by Thursday

Other Notes:

  • Staff should wear MGMC issued shields/goggles
  • All eye protection is for individual use and should not be shared
  • Clean and disinfect with hospital-approved disinfectant wipe whenever it is visibly soiled, difficult to see through or removed prior to putting it back on.
  • Discard if damaged (e.g., eye protection can no longer fasten securely to the provider, if visibility is obscured and cleaning process does not restore visibility).
  • Avoid touching the eye protection. If eye protection is touched or adjusted, immediately perform hand hygiene.
  • Staff should leave patient vicinity if they need to remove their eye protection.
  • For questions, please call Infection Prevention or Incident Command

We're All In This Together

We had a display installed on the front of the hospital. We’re so proud of how our team has come together in this pandemic.

Universal Masking Procedure

Effective April 7, all employees working in patient care units will be expected to wear procedural/surgical face masks, at all times, while in their respective clinical care settings. To learn more about the rationale behind this, as well as guidance on using and re-using masks, please click the button below.

Universal Masking Procedure

COVID-19 Lodging Options for Staff

Some area hotels are offering Mary Greeley Medical Center employees a discounted rate during the current COVID-19 situation. In the event that you do not want to stay at your home due to living with someone who has COVID-19 or a compromised immune system, there are several optionsl.

You will need to show your Mary Greeley Medical Center ID in order to receive the discounted rate. Please note that unless you are told by Human Resources that you need to stay elsewhere, employees are responsible for paying for their own rooms.

View area hotels offering discounts

Local Restaurant Discounts

Many local restaurants are still open for carryout and/or delivery and several are currently offering discounts, some specifically for Mary Greeley employees. This page will be updated as more discounts become available. (Operating hours for these restaurants are subject to change, please call ahead).

During the entire month of April, all Mary Greeley employees will receive 25% off EatStreet delivery orders ($10 minimum order). Visit and use coupon code GREELEY.

  • Burger King (Lincoln Way location only) - 20% off your order (must show name badge)
  • Cafe Diem (carryout only) - One free drip coffee with every order (must mention at time of order that you are a MGMC employee)
  • Culvers (Ames location only) - 10% off your order (must mention at time of order that you are a MGMC employee and show name badge)
  • Jeff's Pizza (carryout or delivery) - 50% off regular price on pizza and Smotharella Sticks (Order online using code 'together' or call in your order and mention that you are a MGMC employee)
  • Pizza Pit (carryout or delivery) - 15% off order of 5-14 large or XL pizzas; 20% off order of 15+ large or XL pizza (allow as much advance notice as possible)
  • Pizza Ranch (Ames location only - carryout or delivery) - 50% off regular price menu items (must mention at time of order that you are a MGMC employee or show your name badge)

Filing for Unemployment

Start an Unemployment Claim

Finding your Weekly Wages

We've created some instructions for locating your weekly earnings in Dimensions:
How to Find Your Weekly Wages

Unemployment Handbook

This handbook explains your rights and responsibilities when filing an unemployment claim. It answers common questions and contains general information. 2019 Unemployment Handbook

Supply Donations

Handmade Masks

Visit for additional information.

Doctors on Demand - Telehealth Option

Through our benefit plan, employees now have access to Doctors on Demand - a service that provides virtual doctor's visits through a smartphone or tablet. Currently the copay is waived to reduce the number of people going into physician offices.

Employees can sign up by clicking here and should have their insurance card handy when doing so.

(Note: this option may work for employees with other insurance too. Those employees will need to try their card numbers to see if they are accepted).

Valet Temporarily Closed

We have temporarily suspended valet parking. This decision was made to help ensure patient, visitor and staff safety during the COVID-19 crisis. People who come to the medical center will need to self-park in the parking ramp.

Non-Essential Work Travel Ban

Mary Greeley Medical Center has imposed a temporary ban on all non-essential work-related travel for all staff. This includes all non-essential conferences and meetings regardless of location. If you have questions about whether or not you should attend a conference or meeting, consult with your leader.

This does not apply to personal travel. If you do plan any personal travel, please see below for CDC recommendations when returning home:

  • If you travel to one of the CDC identified Level 3 countries then you need to follow all CDC recommendations and instructions for self-isolation.
  • If you have traveled to areas that are not identified as Level 3 and are asymptomatic, you should return to work and follow standard preventive measures.
  • If you are ill, stay home, contact your physician and follow our standard illness reporting process.

This work-related travel ban is in response to increasing concerns about the spread of coronavirus, a desire to keep our staff safe, and the need to have staff readily available should we experience an increase in patients.

Any work-related travel expenses that may have been incurred, including airline tickets or conference registrations, will be covered by the medical center.

Response Team

An emergency response team is meeting regularly to ensure proper planning is in place and respond to any new developments. Dr. Daniel Fulton, McFarland Clinic infectious disease specialist, is doing presentations on the virus for medical center and clinic staff.

Medical Center Staff

The health and safety of our staff is vital to the health and safety of our community. and many of you are trained in prevention measures when treating patients who have potentially infectious conditions. We are currently using special signage on patient rooms when investigating a potential or confirmed case of an infectious disease. This signage alerts everyone – nursing, dietary, environmental services – of prevention measures that should be taken before entering the room.


Supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, masks and gowns, are being closely monitored. Critical diagnostic and medical equipment is also being monitored. Shortages are expected and conservation measures that respect patient and staff safety have been put in place across the medical center. PLEASE NOTE: We have received inquiries about purchasing PPE from the medical center. All our supplies are intended for patient care. We do not sell PPE.

Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) & Other Partners

Mary Greeley Medical Center provides Story County Public Health services and is working closely with IDPH on the response to the coronavirus. If we are investigating a potential COVID-19 case, we will work with IDPH to complete a thorough clinical assessment, determine whether lab specimens are to be collected, and the need for further monitoring or self-quarantine. We are also in contact, as needed, with officials from Ames, Story County, the local school district and Iowa State University.