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Innovation & Excellence Award Winners

Innovation & Excellence Award Logo Each year, Mary Greeley employees nominate their colleagues for the Innovation & Excellence Awards in the areas of medical practice, leadership, nursing practice and service delivery. The recipients of these honors make significant contributions to the patient and visitor experience at Mary Greeley. Here, the honorees share insights about their roles at Mary Greeley.

Amy Dagestad

Director of Maternal & Child Services

Leadership Award Recipient

Bill Glienke

Emergency Department Social Worker

Service Delivery Recipient

Angela Long

Cancer Care Navigator

Nursing Practice Recipient

Dr. David Sosnouski

Radiology, McFarland Clinic

Medical Practice Recipient

Prior Award Recipients


2018 - Christy Krause, Behavioral Health
2017 - Jo-el Sprecher, Oncology
2016 - John Rodilosso, Facilities Management
2015 - Sue Draper, Materials Management
2014 - Scott Carlson, Information Systems
2013 - Amber Deardorff, Clinical Applications
2012 - Jane Jackson, Ambulatory Care Services
2011 - Matt Hart, Dietetic Services
2010 - Sue Scoles, Oncology Services
2009 - Amy McDonough, Medical Telemetry

Medical Practice

2018 - Jennifer Killion, M.D.
2017 - Gregory Utesch, M.D.
2016 - Sherri Flugrad, D.O.
2015 - Stuart Christenson, M.D.
2014 - Ricardo Arbulu, M.D.
2013 - John Paschen, M.D.
2012 - Jon Fleming, M.D.
2011 - Peter Buck, M.D.
2010 - Mark Taylor, M.D.
2009 - Leo Milleman, M.D.

Nursing Practice

2018 - Amy Shcweers, Acute Rehab
2017 - Patrick Schmalzried, House Manager
2016 - Angie Carswell, Birthways
2015 - Julie Scebold, ICCU
2014 - Rhonda Carney, Operating Room
2013 - Candace Flakoll, Birthways
2012 - Sara Macy, Birthways
2011 - Lois Nelson, G.I. Services
2010 - Terri Olinger, HOMEWARD
2009 - Melody Franje, Pediatrics

Service Delivery

2018 - Tara Box-Walker, Diagnostic Radiology
2017 - Sara Vogelaar, Laboratory
2016 - Shelia Keisel, Information Systems
2015 - Rick Peters, Information Systems
2014 - Kelli Clemens, Wound Healing Clinic
2013 - Joe Carmicheal, Laboratory
2012 - Kay Pfaltzgraff, Oncology
2011 - Kyle Briese, Accounting
2010 - Melissa K Peterson, Guest Services
2009 - Jeanne Rogert, Materials Management

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