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Pinterest: What is the Excitement & Fun All About?


Presented by Rhonda Schmaltz, Ames High School Teacher (retired).

Have you heard of Pinterest? Are you wanting to know what it is, what it can be used for, and how to get started? Then join us as we see some of the fun, educational, and interesting ways it can be used in your life!

Fall and Balance Screening

Appointment Required: 515-239-2423

Thursday, May 19, 9 a.m. to noon

Schedule an appointment to have a fall and balance screening to help identify your risks for fall. Physical therapy staff will perform an assessment that will take you through stations to test your leg strength, balance, and mobility using standardized tests. The assessment should take 15 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that will allow easy movement.

Let's Connect

Learn more about Mary Greeley Medical Center Senior Health Services. Call us at 515-239-2423 in Ames or 800-303-9574 from anywhere in Iowa.

Stay Healthy as You Age

You can take steps now to eat better and manage chronic conditions, including diabetes. Learn more about the types of diabetes, and find guidelines for creating a healthy eating plan. The Mary Greeley Medical Center Diabetes & Nutrition Education Center offers specially trained staff that can help you make better choices. Request an appointment, or contact the center at 515-956-2880.