Swallowing Therapy

Swallowing is second nature for most people. For those who struggle with certain physical conditions or illnesses, however, swallowing can be a significant challenge. Therapy for swallowing problems is offered at Mary Greeley Medical Center Rehab & Wellness.

Signs of Swallowing Difficulty

At Mary Greeley Medical Center, your health care team works together to evaluate why swallowing issues are present, and what treatments may help. Swallowing difficulties often occur after a surgery or because another disease or condition is present. In general, you may be diagnosed with difficulty swallowing if you:

  • Cough during or right after eating or drinking
  • Have a wet or gurgly sounding voice during or after eating or drinking
  • Need extra effort or time to chew or swallow
  • Have food or liquid leak from the mouth or get stuck in the mouth
  • Get recurring pneumonia or chest congestion after eating
  • Have weight loss or dehydration from not being able to eat enough

Diagnosis of Swallowing Difficulty

In general, a speech-language pathologist will diagnose the particulars of swallowing difficulties and offer treatment options. The speech-language pathologist is able to:

  • Take a careful history of medical conditions and symptoms
  • Look at the strength and movement of the muscles involved in swallowing
  • Observe feeding to see posture, behavior and oral movements during eating and drinking
  • Perform special tests to evaluate swallowing

Therapy Options to Improve Swallowing

Diagnosis of the specifics about your swallowing difficulties helps to determine the treatment. Those may include:

  • Exercises, positions or strategies to help swallow more effectively
  • Eating and drinking specific food and liquid textures that are easier and safer

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