Speech & Language Therapy

For children and adults who have speech and language challenges or impairments, the Mary Greeley Medical Center Rehab & Wellness Department can help.

Speech Therapy at Mary Greeley Medical Center

Children and adults may need speech and language therapy for a variety of reasons: surgery, illness, injury, voice disorders, cognitive disabilities, speech delays, neurological disorders, swallowing difficulties and other conditions. Treatment options at Mary Greeley Medical Center include:

  • Improving communication both verbally and in writing, to understand both spoken and written language. In some cases, this involves helping adults and children relearn how to talk.
  • Improving problem solving, the ability to focus, organizational skills, memory strategies and other mechanisms to cope with communications difficulties
  • Reducing behaviors that can cause hoarseness or permanent voice damage
  • Coordinating with other specialty therapists for positioning and movement related to communication skills

Speech & Language Therapy Staff

The focus of speech-language therapists in the Mary Greeley Medical Center Rehab & Wellness Department is individualized care. Each and every child and adult with speech and language impairments has different needs and different abilities, and therapists evaluate patients to create a plan specific to them.

Speech-language therapists at Mary Greeley Medical Center work with inpatients as needed, as well as outpatients in Ames. For more information, call 515-239-2600.

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